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Alistair Overeem gets conditional license from NSAC, fight with Lesnar still on

Despite the rumors, Alistair Overeem remains Brock Lesnar‘s opponent for UFC 141 at the end of the month. After a hearing with the Nevada State Athletic Commission, Overeem was granted a conditional fight license for his main event bout. First Overeem must submit a drug test from Europe within the next 72 hours and then another drug test when he arrives in the US for his fight. Following the bout, he’ll have to pass two more drug tests, both of which will take place within six months of the fight.

His status for the fight was in doubt after he failed to comply with the state commissions out-of-competition testing that was ordered on November 17.

Overeem and Lesnar were asked to submit tests on that date. Lesnar did so on November 21 while Overeem waited until November 23. Unfortunately for the Holland native, his test did not meet the commissions standards. Overeem submitted a second test to his personal “sports doctor” but the results have not been collected and the commission wondered if any test was actually taken.

Currently in Holland to take care of his sick mother, Overeem met with the commission today via phone and was sworn under oath during the proceedings.

“When I got the request to test myself, I took the test straight away. I went to the doctor, and he had me steroid tested. I went in for the results, which took 10 days. When I finally got the results, I submitted them, and I thought that that should be sufficient for the commission. But after a couple of days, I received notice that it was not sufficient, and I needed to do more testing. So I went back to the doctor straight away and I had my second test done with the full parameters that was provided by the NSAC, and that was taken last Wednesday, Dec. 7. The results of the test are due seven to 10 days from Dec. 7, so I’m expecting them this week.”

Overeem blamed the differences between testing in the US and Holland for the delay, saying, “In Holland, you go to the doctor to request a test, and then you get permission to go to a facility, or the doctor can take your specimen for you. Because that was not a full panel test, which I learned (later) because it was the first time I ever went through this procedure, we had to look for other options. Because this is the first time I’ve done this; I’ve never done a full panel steroid test in Holland, and the doctors here also did not know where we could do that. So my doctor made some calls and researched the subject. We found that we could do the testing in Germany in a laboratory, and there also it seems there were some complications. In Europe, a drug testing cannot be done by an athlete himself. It has to be requested by an organization. So for me, it’s pretty hard to test myself here, and I’ve learned by going through this procedure because I’ve never gone through this procedure before.”

However, the commission put the blame on Overeem’s assistant, Collin Lam, who has no prior experience in assisting professional athletes. The commission believed that Lam did not show a sense of urgency in relaying the information to his client.

Lesnar’s test results came back clean and he has been cleared for action on December 30.


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