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Bellator sets up next bantamweight tournament for Season 6

Bellator’s upcoming bantamweight tournament is starting to take shape, as several fighters have been signed to the sixth season event.

Among those set to compete for a shot at current Bellator bantamweight champion Zack Makovsky are Marcos Galvao, Luis “Betao” Nogueira, Rodrigo “Ratinho” Lima, Ed West, and Masakatsu Ueda.

Galvao, Nogueira and West have Bellator experience, while Lima and Ueda will be making their promotional debuts.

News of the participants was first reported by MMAJunkie.

The sixth season of Bellator begins in March with cards streaming on and airing live on MTV2. Along with the bantamweight tourney, Bellator will be holding events in the featherweight, lightweight, welterweight and middleweight divisions.

Galvao was part of the fifth season’s bantamweight tournament, barely losing a decision in the semifinals to Alexis Vila. Nogueira was also part of that tourney, along with West, who was a runner-up in season three and a semifinalist in Season Five.



    I personally can’t get enough of BFC-their commentating is first rate(maybe best in the biz)and their whole tournament format is a throwback to the true essence and birth of MMA-All they need to truly succeed is for one of their fighters to become a “Chael Sonnen type personality”

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  • hindsightufuk says:

    couldnt agree more, i forget how much i like Bellator unitl its over and i now i really miss my weekly dose.
    Also agree with Jimmy Smith and Sean Wheelock being damned good commentators and not annoying me in the slightest
    huge Bellator fan

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    Is it just me-or does BFC seem to attract more exotic talent(ala Brazil.Russia,)-I mean look at Schlemenko-the dude is a truly proven war horse and the pitbull brothers are easily the equivalent of the NOGS(only at a lower weight class)-And then look at Cuba(Lombard and Vila)-two monsters

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  • Rece Rock says:

    Gike I think its more like they are out there pursuing the more exotic and off the beaten path talent out there… BFC has truly top notch scouting. As strange as it sounds Zuffz/Forza should take note and follow BFC’s lead when filling up the Strike Force roster.

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