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Dan Hardy seeking bout with UFC Hall of Famer Matt Hughes

Dan Hardy, who has stepped inside the Octagon with some of the best fighters in the world, has taken extra time off to prepare himself mentally and physically to halt a four-fight losing skid.

“The Outlaw” was kept from being released by the UFC thanks to his willingness to go all-out each time he has fought, including a war with Chris Lytle in his last encounter. Hardy lost, adding to defeats at the hands of UFC welterweight champ Georges St. Pierre, Carlos Condit, and Anthony Johnson.

Hardy, however, has plans for his return to action, calling out UFC Hall of Fame fighter Matt Hughes, easily the most dominant welterweight title-holder in UFC history before GSP showed up.

“I’ve mentioned Matt Hughes to Lorenzo. He’s been on a rough streak as well recently, he’ll look at me and see I’ve lost four fights and think he can outwrestle me,” said Hardy, in a recent interview with ESPN. “I also genuinely don’t like him. I need a fight to get up for and I’d take great pleasure in smashing him in the face.”

Prior to dropping four in a row, Hardy had won seven consecutive fights to secure his shot at GSP and the UFC title. The Brit has no love for Hughes, saying, “It’s some knowledge I have about him away from the sport. Even students around where he lives bet against him.” Hardy refused to divulge any further information.

Hughes is currently still deciding if he even wants to fight again, having suffered a knockout loss to Josh Koscheck earlier this year. However, a little more trash-talk from a Brit with name value who is in a career free-fall could be enough to bring him back into the cage and provide him with an opportunity to retire on a high note.


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