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Overeem retires Lesnar, Diaz out-scraps Cerrone at UFC 141

It’s Friday, which means it’s fight day. That’s right, for the first time since 2004, the Ultimate Fighting Championship will run a PPV on a Friday night instead of the usual Saturday timeslot. Coming to us live from MGM Grand Garden Arena, it’s UFC 141: Lesnar vs. Overeem. As always, Five Ounces of Pain will prove complete results including a round by round recap of all the live televised action.

The action kicks off at 6:45PM EST on with the stream of preliminary fights. Then at 9PM EST two more prelims will air on SpikeTV. Finally at 10PM EST, the main card goes live on PPV.

The last UFC event of the year will be headlined by a big time heavyweight showdown between former UFC champion Brock Lesnar and former Strikeforce champion Alistair Overeem in a battle to determine the next contender to Junior dos Santos and the heavyweight belt. Also on the card is a lightweight scrap between top contenders Nate Diaz and Donald Cerrone plus a welterweights Jon Fitch and Johny Hendricks do battle as well.

*Note:* Matt Riddle vs. Luis Ramos was removed from the card due to Riddle feeling ill before the fight.


Diego Nunes def. Manvel Gamburyan via Unanimous Decision
Jacob Volkmann def. Efrain Escudero via Unanimous Decision
Dong Hyun Kim def. Sean Pierson via Unanimous Decision


Danny Castillo vs. Anthony Njokuani

Round One: Njokuani used his reach well early but Castillo eventually got a hold of him and put him on the ground. Njokuani got up but Castillo kept ahold of his back standing and landed a series of knees to the thighs of Njokuani. Castillo finally got Njokuani down and on his back, but Njokuani turned into him and got up. Njokuani tried for a standing guillotine but Castillo slammed his way out of it. Njokuani got up as the round ended without taking much damage. Good first round with a slight 10-9 edge to Castillo based on grappling and control.

Round Two: Njokuani landed a solid knee as Castillo ducked under and followed it up with a couple of good punches as Castillo tried for a takedown. Njokuani stuffed a takedown, landed a couple of good knees to the body, and then broke away with a huge elbow. Njokuani rocked Castillo with a right hand and followed with a knee, but Castillo pushed through and got a takedown. Njokuani took limited damage before getting to his feet but Castillo put him back down as the round ended. Despite the end of round takedowns, Njokuani took the round 10-9 with some great striking and damage.

Round Three: Castillo scored with an early takedown but didn’t do much with it. Njokuani eventually scrambled out and up but ate a knee on the way up. Njokuani tried to mount some offense on his feet but Castillo once again put him right back down. Njokuani again got up without taking much damage and tried to end strong on his feet by pressing forward with strikes, but Castillo calmly moved away and avoided most of them. I’ll give the round 10-9 to Castillo based on his grappling and control for a 29-28 victory.

Result: Danny Castillo def. Anthony Njokuani via Split Decision

Ross Pearson vs. Junior Assunção

Round One: Assunção scored with an early takedown but Pearson immediately popped up and pressed forward with strikes. Assunção moving very well on his feet and avoiding the hands of Pearson while clinching when Pearson gets in too close. Assunção getting in and out very nicely against Pearson and throwing a lot of good kicks to the body. Pearson can’t mount much offense on the feet. Good round for Assunção, who has Pearson a little confused. 10-9 for Assunção.

Round Two: Assunção got another early takedown but Pearson was again right back up. On the feet, Assunção continued to get the better of things on the feet, making Pearson pay when he moved forward while moving away to avoid the hands of Pearson. Pearson had a chance to be on top after stuffing the takedown of Assunção but decided to let Assunção up instead. Assunção doing a nice job landing the straight left. Pearson scored with a body shot and then stumbled Assunção with a jab. Pearson turned things up with some good strikes but Assunção slowed things down with a clinch. Pearson tripped Assunção down but Assunção grabbed him as he tried to move away and then put Pearson on his back. Pearson landed some elbows off his back before scrambling up and losing out on a last second exchange. Close round but I’ll give a slight 10-9 edge to Pearson based on damage.

Round Three: Assunção caught Pearson coming in and then got a takedown. As Pearson tried to scramble up, Assunção took his back. Pearson was able to get up though. Assunção stayed on him in the clinch but couldn’t get Pearson to the ground. Pearson stayed busy in the clinch, landing short knees and punches. Every time Assunção stepped in for the takedown, Pearson made him pay with a good knee before stuffing the attempt. Pearson turned up the pressure in the final few seconds, landing some good combinations that stunned Assunção and stuffing one last takedown. Another pretty close round but I’m giving it 10-9 to Pearson based on damage and takedown defense. I have it 29-28 Pearson but, as always, you never know with judges.

Result: Ross Pearson def. Junior Assunção via Unanimous Decision


Nam Phan vs. Jimy Hettes

Round One: Hettes got an early takedown but Phan got up. Hettes locked up a guillotine, got Phan down, and landed a barrage of punches on the ground that had Phan in a lot of trouble. It looked like Phan was going to go out a couple of times but he kept moving and survived. Hettes continued to overwhelm him with ground and pound but Phan eventually got to his feet. Phan landed a good uppercut but Hettes again clinched and tossed Phan to the ground before moving to mount. Hettes landed a couple of elbows that cut Phan on the forehead before going for an armbar. Phan defended but ate a number of body shots in the process. Hettes ended the round in mount, pounding away on Phan. Absolutely dominating round for Hettes. I’m going to say 10-8 for Hettes.

Round Two: Hettes again got an early takedown and continued to pour it on with strikes on the ground. Phan tried a leg lock but Hettes easily avoided it and continued to pound away with strikes. After a scramble, Phan ended up on top and landed some good punches but Hettes worked to his feet and once again put Phan down. Phan got up but Hettes put him right back down and into side control. The round ended with Hettes controlling Phan against the cage. Another great round for Hettes. Not quite as dominant, but easily 10-9 in his favor.

Round Three: Hettes didn’t shoot until a minute went by, but when he wanted the takedown, he got it. Phan did a nice job getting up without taking any damage but Hettes continued to take him down at will. Hettes nearly locked up an arm triangle but Phan avoided it. Hettes stayed in mount though and landed some good punches and elbows on top. Hettes finished the round on top, swinging away and trying to finish. An absolutely dominating fight from start to finish by Hettes. He took the last round 10-9 and the fight 30-26.

Result: Jimy Hettes def. Nam Phan via Unanimous Decision

Alexander Gustafsson vs. Vladimir Matyushenko

Round One: Slow start to the round with both men swinging and missing. Gustafsson landed a body kick and then shoved Matyushenko away as he tried to clinch. Gustafsson caught Matyushenko with a jab coming in and then followed up with a series of hammerfists on the ground. Matyushenko turtled up and the ref jumped in to stop it.

Result: Alexander Gustafsson def. Vladimir Matyushenko via TKO Round 1 (Punches)

Jon Fitch vs. Johny Hendricks

Round One: Hendricks caught Fitch with the first left hand he threw, followed it up with another one, and Fitch was out cold. Well that was pretty unexpected. Fight lasted 12 seconds.

Result: Johny Hendricks def. Jon Fitch via KO Round 1 (Left hand)

Nate Diaz vs. Donald Cerrone

Round One: Cerrone flipped off Diaz during the staredown. Cerrone charged across the cage but Diaz locked up with him. They traded knees before breaking. Diaz using his jab and putting together good combinations. Diaz scoring with the one-two almost at will. Cerrone having a tough time finding his rhythm. Diaz is picking apart Cerrone with his hands. Cerrone landing some good leg kicks but Diaz keeps throwing the one-two and connecting every time. Diaz just kept pressuring Cerrone with punches and Cerrone didn’t really have a good answer. An outstanding first round for Diaz, who takes it 10-9.

Round Two: Cerrone trips Diaz down with a leg kick but lets him down. Cerrone lands a good knee and trips Diaz down again. Diaz continues to out-box Cerrone although Cerrone is much more alive in this round. Cerrone landed a head kick and slipped, but Diaz went down as well. Both men got up and Cerrone continues to have success with the kicks. Good exchange where both men connected. Diaz with some great combinations. Cerrone keeps tripping Diaz down with kicks but isn’t following up. Diaz countered Cerrone on a kick and stumbled him. Round ends with Diaz still out-boxing Cerrone. A better round for Cerrone but Diaz still got the better of things striking and took the round 10-9.

Round Three: Diaz gave Cerrone the double bird before the round. Diaz throwing good combinations and then getting out before Cerrone can return fire. Diaz now dropping his hands after he throws. Cerrone trying to work the kicks but Diaz is dominating him with the hands. Cerrone having some success with the knee to the body. Diaz really turning it up with body shots this round. Both men just slugging it out but Diaz continues to land the more damaging blows as the round ends. A great scrap and Diaz takes the last round 10-9 and the fight 30-27. Both men embraced after the fight.

Result: Nate Diaz def. Donald Cerrone via Unanimous Decision

Brock Lesnar vs. Alistair Overeem

Round One: Lesnar got a single early but Overeem pushed him off. Overeem lands a knee to the body. Lesnar trying to use the jab. More knees to the body by Overeem. A big kick to the body hurt Lesnar and sent him down. Overeem punched him a couple of times but Lesnar covered well. Overeem went to the body with his punches and the ref stopped the fight. After the bout, Lesnar announced that he was retiring from the sport.

Result: Alistair Overeem def. Brock Lesnar via TKO Round 1 (Strikes)

  • Lethal Liquid says:

    Cerrone vs Diaz is gonna be Fight of the Night

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  • Niv says:

    Reem beating Lesnar was the only fight I was right about tonight.

    Well that sets up the dream HW match-up between AO and JDS, awesome!

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  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Sad to see Brock retire but, I understand why he did it.

    Got to give him credit for getting as far as he did on sheer brute strength and wrestling ability. It would take years of training to be able to stand up with guys like Overeem and JDS who have natural stand up ability and or years of striking training.

    Guess we will see Brock in the WWE soon.

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  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    But Werdum outstruck Overeem?
    Let this be a lesson to UFC nuthuggers and those that used Overeems striking against Werdum as a guide. The UFC didnt have all the best, guys out of the UFC (Mousasi) are just as good and you cant judge a fighters ability based on 1 fight.
    Now Overeem has beaten 4 top 10 HWs and I think that is more than either JDS or Valasquez.

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  • Lord Faust says:

    Lesnar’s biggest problem is his name value. He needed a better introduction into the sport; not being thrust into UFC main events and title fights. That said, his pay rate dictated that he had to do these things. A shame, but not unexpected.

    I will give Lesnar all the credit in the world for accomplishing what he did and admitting that he needs to bow out.

    I doubt Brock will go back to the WWE, except maybe in a few cameo appearances. I think Brock will do just fine doing media appearances, and probably will end up as a talking head on some sort of MMA show — if not working with the UFC.

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  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    The loudest cheer when Fitch got KOed came from Dana.
    After the fight, Fitch said to Dana “What happened”? “He finished you” Dana replied. ” Finised me!? I dont understand what you mean by finished, did we fight 3 rds?”, ” No he finished you within the first” Dana explained to which Fitch exclaimed “Well thats hardly fair, Iwould never do that to him”

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  • Richard Stabone says:

    Brock’s biggest problem was MMA hit the mainstream about 10 years too late (or Brock was born 10 years too early).

    If he’d been able to transition immediately from national collegiate wrestling champ to MMA, who knows what type of sustained career he might have enjoyed. But instead he found himself in the cesspool of pro wrasslin, amidst a mess of roids and abuse of other drugs/painkillers & alcohol. Hell, banging each other’s wives/girlfriends was one of the healthier diversions.

    So anyway, given the circumstances, it’s absolutely amazing Brock was able to reach the pinnacle of MMA the way he did. But it was also destined to be short-lived. The diverticulitis just accelerated the process.

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  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Im not sure that the best figjter to have ever set foot in the cage has been doing MMA as long as Brock. Jon Jones went from Wrestler to a complete MMA fighter in half the time Brock had and to become what he was today.

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  • Lord Faust says:

    I don’t think it’s really all that fair to compare anyone, even Brock Lesnar, to Jon Jones.

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  • Lord Faust says:

    And Richard stole all the points I was going to make.

    Seriously, the fact Lesnar didn’t get destroyed — literally and / or figuratively — by pro wrestling is astounding. I thought he was crippled back when he missed the shooting star press and landed on his neck. (I believe it was a Wrestlemania match against Kurt Angle; bear with me, it’s been a long time; if you don’t know what I’m talking about then look it up.)

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  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    No it isnt fair, you are right but I do think Lesnar did not become what he could have.

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  • Lord Faust says:

    I agree with you there. It’s hard to say. I was expecting him to retire the first time the diverticulitis issue came up.

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  • edub says:

    Richard- Just going to add on a little bit:

    If Brock came over to MMA instead of WWF right out of college, he very well could have been one of the greatest of the early days. But he also could have gotten beaten by less talented people like a prime Sylvia, or even somebody like Nog.

    Let’s also not feel too bad that he went to wrestling. The guy made a gargantuan amount of money there, and also gained the popularity to parlay his status into 7 figure paydays in MMA.

    However, I do agree that he was cut short a little bit by his disease.

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  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Overeem vs Jr is a fight to look forward to. I am picking Overeem cuz his striking is more powerful and more …just more and he wont have to worry about takedowns too much.

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  • Sykotick says:

    Don’t worry Logic, I’m eating my crow,

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  • Niv says:

    Well it took longer than I expected but after years I was finally proven right. All along people were screaming Brock was invincible and he’d destroy anyone, and I always said Brock does not have the time to learn what these other fighters have spent a lifetime learning.

    Skill will overcome brute force 9 times out of ten, credit to Lesnar for achieving what he has with his limited skill set, but the time has come for him to move on before he gets seriously hurt.

    I’ve also been saying for the past couple years JDS was the UFC’s best HW, now unfortunately for him I think his reign may be short lived. He certainly has the power to put Overeem away, but Overeem’s striking is on a different level and I see him being crowned the UFC Hw champ soon.

    I doubt Dana White will admit it, but I’m sure he cried last night because Lesnar was the UFC’s biggest draw, but hey they have lots of highly skilled fighters they can hype regardless.

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  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Lesnar will be one of those athletes we will look back at and wonder “What could have been?”

    If it wasn’t for his medical issues and he could focus on MMA training full time I have to believe he could have improved on his stand up game and become a more complete fighter.

    It may not have made any difference in the big picture but, we will never know. He is such a natural athlete one has to think improvements would have happened and some holes would have been fixed.

    I will miss the guy and always remember his post victory UFC 100 speech fondly.

    Still not 100% sold on Overeem but, can’t wait to see him bang with JDS. Have to believe someone is gonna take a nap in that one.

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