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5 Oz. MMA Link Club

Welcome back to another edition of “MMA Link Club”, Five Ounces of Pain‘s weekly smorgasbord of offerings from our brothers and sisters in the MMA community. Enjoy…

Junior dos Santos Weighs In on UFC 142 Co-Headliner/Main Event (

Frank Mir Changes Name to “Prank Mir” at Expense of THQ Programmer (

ESPN Looks at Allegations of the UFC Being a Monopoly (

Dana White Hoping to See “WEC Jose Aldo” at UFC 142 (

Vitor Belfort Wants Anthony Johnson to Know the Octagon Belongs to Him (

A Look at the Betting Odds for UFC 142 (

XBOX Live Making Up for UFC 141 Error (

A Review of “Haywire” from Our Friends at The Fight Nerd (

ProElite Offering Free Admission to Show for Those Dressing like “Minowaman” (

Chad Mendes, Urijah Faber Take Issue with Gray Maynard (

UFC on FOX/FX/Fuel Main Events to Only be Three-Rounders (

Some Amazing Fan-Art Related to MMA (


  • Sykotick says:

    Have yall heard any news on the story of a back injury forcing Jenny Florian to retire??

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  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Ive said it for a while, the UFC being a monopoly is bad for fighters and it has been for fans so far. You have those idiots that think the UFC has all the best, which is so fantastically stupid it sadens me. Why would you think that? Anyway, I have always maintained that the UFC and exclusive contracts are bad for fans becuz it prevents fights. You can argue but what for? It is fact and is demonstrated daily. Guys like Fedor, Kharitonov, Overeem, Mousasi, Melendez, Diaz, Aoki, Alvarez, Barnett, Alexander and others were denied for years the oportunity to compete wiyh UFC fighters because of the contracts the UFC uses. Now if it becomes a monopoly (which I doubt it will) the fans may benifit in the short term but like always is the case when employers get complete control, the fighters will lose and in turn so will the fans.

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  • MickeyC says:

    I think the biggest evidance to back up the manopoly statement it he fact that, all none fans and most casual ones think the “sport” is called “UFC” rather than “MMA”. Could you imagine how boxing would have been if ALL the fighters back in the day worked for Don King. No independance. But I’m a real fan and I love the fights, but I’d be lieing if I said I was not a little worried about what it may be like 5-10 years from now. Will it be just UFC or will small orgs like bellator and Shark fights etc be able to last. If Zuffa steps in and buy s Bellator in the next few years it will really hurt small orgs chances.

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