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Victorious Vitor Belfort discusses Anthony Johnson’s weight-cutting fiasco

Vitor Belfort is a former UFC champion and #1 contender, so he knows the kind of commitment it takes to become the best in MMA.

Saturday night, Belfort took out Anthony Johnson in the co-main event of UFC 142: Aldo vs. Mendes from his native country of Brazil in front of thousands of cheering fans.

However, the fight was more about weights than strikes, as “Rumble” came in well over the 185 pound limit for the bout. For his efforts, “The Phenom” sent Johnson packing, picking up an extra 20% of Johnson’s paycheck. Still, money aside, the lack of respect involved left Belfort a little upset.

UFC cameras caught up with the 34-year old following the victory to guage his reaction on the win and see what he had to say about Johnson as a hole.

“I kept the pressure, I made him give up; that was the plan,” Belfort said. “The whole country was behind me. I have fans all over the world and they are the most important thing after God and my family.”

Check out the entire interview below:


  • MCM says:

    This entire fiasco has made one thing abundantly clear to me, weight cutting is completely unnecessary. What’s the point? If it’s to gain an advantage over the other opponent, welll, he’s cutting too. I never had a problem with weight cutting before, but seeing that both guys are coming to the cage 20lbs+ above the weight limit, makes the whole thing a sham.
    I think fighters need to be weighed in so that they don’t have an unfair advantage, but make them happen the day of the fight. AJ was 211 walking into the cage and Vitor was 207. Neither fighter was anywhere close to the 186 limit (and over the 206 limit for LHW), but they were within 5 lbs of each other so it’s still a fair fight.
    Everyone argues the “professionalism” of making weight but I just can’t see any logical reason why the practice should be continued. But there are a ton of reasons, not the least of which in the fighters health, why it should be eliminated. Weigh in before getting you hands taped. As long as the two fighters are within 10lbs of each other (like their allowed to be now), let the fight go on.

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    I couldn’t agree more MCM-I have never liked the whole weight cutting in any contact sport-To me it is a form of cheating and has always made me wonder what other unfair advantages certain fighters are committing-Anyways-I enjoyed and respect everything Vitor was saying in the video

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  • Lord Faust says:

    The thing is, same day weigh ins won’t stop the cutting. You will still have arrogant guys like AJ thinking they can lose 4 gallons of water and still fight correctly.

    As much as I agree the formality — as that’s all it is — of the weigh-ins has been exposed for the utter joke that it is, but there’s no easy fix. If you move to same day weigh-ins, then guys will cut absurd amounts of weight, possibly risk their health (as the brain is protected by water, for the most part), and will put on horrible fights.

    As silly as the weigh-ins are, I think their purpose is to protect the fighters from themselves — and their extreme weight cutting. There is a side benefit, that the majority of PPV fights don’t feature two guys as gased out as AJ was within 3 minutes of his fight last weekend.

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