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Lorenzo Fertitta fires back at ESPN in video clip

The war between the UFC and sports television giant ESPN looks to be picking up steam following a series of videos released by both organizations.

The first shot was fired when ESPN decided to do a documentary-style piece for investigative news-show Outside The Lines on the monopoly that many believe the UFC is creating in the MMA world. Included was a focus on fighter pay ultimately sending UFC President Dana White and co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta over the edge.

White then claimed he would release the UFC’s own video of the interview process with ESPN and now a clipof Fertitta talking about payments ESPN made to boxers for its Friday Night Fights series has been made public.

“There was a guy who walked away with $275 for a four-round fight (on ESPN),” explained Fertitta to the ESPN reporter interviewing him. “Our fights that we put on cable, we paid 10 times what the fighters (were) paid by ESPN.”

It remains to be seen what kind of coverage ESPN will give the UFC in the future, or if the fight promotion even has any care to be covered by the sports programming giant.

Check out the video of Fertitta below:

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