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The Scorecard – “UFC 142: Aldo vs. Mendes”

The Scorecard hits the highs and lows of the latest big event offering in MMA. Points are assigned completely at random but stay between ten and negative ten because I hate math.

Every time UFC heads to Brazil, magic happens. Maybe it’s because the crowd inspires the fighters, maybe it’s because the match ups are perfect, or maybe it’s because Jesus is in Brazil and not with Tim Tebow. Whatever the reason is, magic happens in Brazil and magic happened at UFC 142 with the greatest head kick KO and the most amazing scene following a main event in MMA history.

Lets go to the scorecard:

*Sympathy points to Felipe Arantes and Antonio Carvalho for being the only fight getting the Facebook treatment for tonight’s event. PLUS TWO

*UFC seriously needs to get their own music on FOX. The NFL on FOX music just isn’t working, especially when the NFL is currently on FOX while UFC is on Facebook/FX. MINUS THREE

*Points to Carvalho for coming out to “God’s Gonna Cut You Down” by Johnny Cash. Can never go wrong with “The Man in Black.” PLUS TWO

*Nobody should be allowed to wear a cowboy hat to the cage except for Donald Cerrone. Sorry Arantes. MINUS ONE

*Much love to the Brazilian crowd, who are by far the loudest crowd in MMA. They’re into it from the first fight to the last. PLUS THREE

*Arantes vs. Carvalho was a decent bout to kick off the card, made better by the crowd reacting to every little strike. Neither guy looked overly impressive though. PLUS TWO

*Man, with all these fights on TV, FX is really harshing my music mood since they don’t show walk-outs. MINUS TWO

*The Marine’s Keys to Victory are 100 times better than Joe’s Keys to Victory, mainly because there are no bullet points. PLUS TWO

*Great win for Mike Pyle. He may never get close to a title shot, but he’s a real test for anyone at welterweight. PLUS THREE

*”Thanks to my wife for putting up with me during my camp.” More fighters should thank their wives for putting up with them. And more fighters should request to be on Fear Factor with their wives. PLUS TWO

*Michihiro Omigawa, you gotta keep our hands up bro. MINUS THREE

*I thought Omigawa may have tapped when Yuri Alcantara first locked on the armbar at the end of round one, but the UFC replay team was horrible and Joe Rogan was so insistent that there was no tap that it did the viewers no favors. MINUS ONE

*Poor form by someone in the Brazilian crowd using a laser pointer. MINUS ONE

*Great performance by Alcantara. The straight left was there for him all fight and his ground game looked outstanding against a tough grappler in Omigawa. He may have gassed in the last round, but he still did well on the feet and had the fight well in hand. PLUS FOUR

*Even though it’s funny hearing Bruce Buffer yell, “Marijuana,” you would think he would know that Alcantara’s nickname is “Marajo.” MINUS ONE

*According to Rogan, Aldo has the best takedown defense in MMA. Take that Jon Jones. MINUS ONE

*I admit that it was nice to see Gabriel Gonzaga back in the UFC. Even though I’m not a fan of his, he’s better than most mid-level heavyweights and he should always have a special place in the hearts of MMA fans for his KO over Mirko Cro Cop. PLUS TWO

*Boy, does Edinaldo Oliveira suck on the ground or what? MINUS THREE

*Nice job by Gonzaga making short of a clearly overmatched Oliveira. If he starts using his grappling more, he could climb back up the heavyweight ladder. As long as he doesn’t get hit or anything like that. PLUS FOUR

*Translator? Gonzaga don’t need no stinkin’ translator. PLUS TWO

*Get it together UFC production team. Airing the prelim fight on TV but having the live in arena music playing is a definite production foul. MINUS TWO

*The intro video for Sam Stout vs. Thiago Tavares was one of the worst in UFC history. They never explain the “one big loss” Stout suffered (it was the passing of his trainer and brother-in-law Shawn Tompkins for those that don’t know) and said, “the winner will go from prospect to contender” even though both men have had 11 UFC fights. MINUS THREE

*A solid scrap between Tavares and Stout, although the crowd seemed pretty dead compared to the noise they were making in the opening fight. PLUS THREE

*I really love Stout’s striking. That is all. PLUS FOUR

*Bad call by the judges. I had Stout winning 29-28 as Tavares didn’t really do much besides throwing an overhand right in the last two rounds and getting hit in the face a lot. MINUS THREE


*Remember when Dana said that they would do away with the Gladiator intro once they got on FOX? Dana doesn’t. MINUS ONE

*Terrible job by Goldberg and Rogan explaining the Johnson weight situation. MINUS TWO

*You can never go wrong with ”In The Air Tonight” by Phil Collins as your walk out music. The drum solo never gets old. Nice job Terry Etim. PLUS TWO

*I love leg kicks, so I love Edson Barboza. PLUS FOUR

*HOLY KNOCKOUT! That wheel kick KO by Barboza is already the KO of the year, I don’t care what happens over the next twelve months. PLUS TEN

*Extra points to Barboza and that kick. It was an absolute thing of beauty. PLUS FIVE

*That UFC 143 promo angered me. “For the first time in 3 years, the welterweight division, will have a new champion.” Get out of here with that. It’s a meaningless interim title. Everyone knows Georges St. Pierre is still the champion. Garbage promotional move by the UFC. MINUS SIX

*I don’t know what Erick Silva’s walk out music was, but man he timed it nicely at the start. PLUS TWO

*Great performance by Silva, making short work of a veteran like Carlo Prater. PLUS FOUR

*Just a shame it was overshadowed by Mario Yamasaki’s bad ruling. Sure there were some shots to the back of the head, but we’ve seen worse and they obviously weren’t intentional as Prater was trying to move. MINUS FIVE

*While I applaud Rogan trying to extract justice from Yamasaki, he had clearly made up his mind that everything was legal, despite there being more than one shot to the back of the head, and never let Yamasaki really explain himself. MINUS FIVE

*Mike Massenzio scores point for coming out to “Lose Yourself” by Eminem. PLUS TWO

*Was there any other possible outcome to the Rousimar Palhares vs. Massenzio fight? Shame on Joe Silva for even making that fight. MINUS THREE

*That said, credit to Palhares for taking care of business like he did. He knew Massenzio shouldn’t have belonged in the cage with him, so he got him out of there quickly. PLUS FOUR

*Joe’s Keys to Victory. Nothing else needs to be said. MINUS THREE

*You know the rules, negative points for every pound a fighter misses weight by. For Anthony Johnson, he missed the 186 mark by a whopping 11 pounds, so for the first (and hopefully last) time ever, we’re going over the 10-point system. MINUS ELEVEN

*I don’t know what Vitor Belfort’s walk out music is, but I love it. PLUS TWO

*Holy crap was the crowd going crazy during Johnson vs. Belfort. PLUS FOUR

*Those were some awfully quick stand ups and breaks by Dan Miragliotta. I have a feeling that Johnson’s unprofessionalism and crowd influenced him, but he needs to stay professional during the fight. MINUS TWO

*Johnson obviously spent more time in the kitchen than the gym for this fight. Not only did he miss weight badly, but he gassed during his walk out, and just ran forward wildly in hopes of getting a takedown. Terrible performance on Friday and a terrible performance on Saturday. MINUS SEVEN

*Great job by Belfort. He handled things all weekend like a professional and capped it off with an outstanding performance against, weight issues aside, a pretty dangerous fighter. PLUS FIVE


*Guns N Roses seem like an underused walk out band. Good on you Chad Mendes. PLUS TWO

*I’ve just come to associate “Run This Town” with Jose Aldo whenever I hear it. PLUS TWO

*Oh man, the crowd yelling “IIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIT’S TIME!” along with Buffer was pretty dang awesome. PLUS THREE

*Mendes had a pretty good game plan, attacking the legs of Aldo and of course going for the takedown, but Aldo’s timing and instincts are second to none. Great KO finish. PLUS FIVE

*Extra points to Aldo because I love takedowns countered by knees ending in a knockout. And for the record, I predicted that Aldo would win this fight via knee countering a takedown. Take that Samer Kadi. PLUS FIVE

*And how awesome was Aldo celebrating with the Brazilian crowd? That may have been the most amazing scene in MMA. Just fantastic. PLUS TEN

*Overall, despite an underwhelming preliminary card, no one can say that the main card didn’t deliver. Sure there were some low points, most notably Johnson’s weight and Yamasaki’s error, but every fight delivered great action. PLUS EIGHT

Official Score: 45

For a more in depth look at UFC 143, along with a preview of this weekends UFC on FX 1 card, make sure to check out tomorrows Five Ounces of Podcast with myself and Mr. Kadi.


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