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UFC says decision stands in Erick Silva-Carlo Prater bout, implementing instant replay

The debate surrounding what many felt was an unjust result in a bout between Erick Silva and Carlos Prater last weekend at UFC 142 may rage on after today but internal discussion at UFC headquarters is officially over. Silva-Prater was stopped after Prater absorbed a number of blows to the head, some inadvertently landing on the back of his noggin, and was unable to continue. While many felt Silva had earned a TKO win the outcome was in fact a disqualification loss based on earning the finish via illegal shots.

As there is no regulatory board in Rio de Janeiro, the UFC was left in charge of addressing the situation and it appears they have, as Vice President of Government and Regulatory Affairs Marc Ratner issued a statement on the matter, explaining no change would be made regarding the specific bout.

“Based on the referee’s verbal warnings and his determination that the blows were intentional and a disqualifying foul, this is not the type of decision that can be reviewed. Therefore, the decision stands,” wrote Ratner.

However, it seems the controversy has prompted the UFC to put a new policy in action regarding instant replay in hopes of not only making sure fights are handled properly but also as a way to show athletic commissions the positives involved.

“Recently, Zuffa has decided to implement the use of instant replay at all international events that are self-regulated, and to encourage all regulators to consider the feasibility and effectiveness of instant replay in the sport of MMA,” he continued. “While instant replay would not have reversed the call in the Silva-Prater bout, we believe that it could be valuable to referees and the sport in the future.”

Silva was still paid his win bonus for the performance even though he will still receive a loss on his record.


  • Hohlraum says:

    I think it was a legitimate call. One of the hardest blows was directly to the back of the head and Prater crumpled immediately afterwards.

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  • Lord Faust says:

    I still dispute it, but the powers that be have spoken.

    Instant replay coming in is a good thing though, so maybe it was worth it.

    My main concern is consistency. If that’s a true foul, then I want everyone held to that standard.

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  • RicM says:

    ……… is the UFC saying that Mario’s call was the correct one???? If so,shouldn’t Rogan eat a big slice of humble pie and make a public apology to Yamasaki for acting like a complete prick?

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  • Lord Faust says:

    Their ruling appears to be more that they cannot overrule the official. It would set a bad precedent if the UFC started overturning referees; I guess athletic commissions are far enough removed.

    I could be misunderstanding their stance, however.

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