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5 Oz. MMA Link Club

Welcome back to another edition of “MMA Link Club”, Five Ounces of Pain‘s weekly smorgasbord of offerings from our brothers and sisters in the MMA community. Enjoy…

Anderson Silva is Tired of Talking about Chael Sonnen (

Fedor Emelianenko Enjoying Some Quality Time at a Water Park (

Dana White Rants on the State of MMA Judging/Officiating (

How Did UFC 143 Do Buyrate Wise? (

What Kind of Message is the UFC Sending with Their Treatment of Nick Diaz-Carlos Condit? (

White Waxes Poetic on Former Rivalry with PRIDE (

Stephen Thompson Reflects on Memorable UFC Debut (

Death of a Fight Club (

Mauricio Rua Parts with Longtime Manager (

Georges St. Pierre Talks Training, Silva-Sonnen II (

Ronda Rousey Says Miesha Tate Already Broken (

Jorge Santiago Talks UFC Flop, Family, and Future (


  • Richard Stabone says:

    Here I was feeling kinda burned out on this stupid GSP/Condit/Diaz fiasco, and then I see Fedor flopping out of a water slide and all seems well again. Thanks for sharing.

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