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B.J. Penn still happy with decision to retire

Surefire Hall of Fame fighter B.J. Penn shocked  many the MMA world when he said he was retiring from the sport following a loss to Nick Diaz last year. Still, as genuine as Peen appeared, countless fans believed it would only be a matter of time before the former UFC champion had a change of heart and signed to compete once again. Now, several months removed from the announcement, “The Prodigy” seems happy with his decision.

Penn, a former lightweight and welterweight title-holder, lost three of his last five fights, defeating Matt Hughes and going to a draw with Jon Fitch in the other two. The defeat at the hands of Diaz at UFC 137 left him looking like a fighter who was nearing the end.

“I’m enjoying my time away from the sport,” said Penn, in a recent interview with ESPN. “That’s where I am right now. I’m living a regular life instead of living the roller coaster.”

Penn has been fighting since 2001, so the rigors of the sport have taken a toll both mentally and physically on the Hawaii native, as he added, “I haven’t (lived a normal life) in 15 years. I’m trying to find myself a little bit – not as a fighter trying to come back to the sport, but just as a person.”

UFC President Dana White talked recently about hoping Penn would decide to return with the UFC planning a show for Hawaii this year. That doesn’t seem to be enough at the moment to get Penn back inside the Octagon, however.

“We would just have to sit down and talk about what made sense,” Penn said. “That’s amazing they are finally deciding to go to Hawaii, but I wouldn’t want to waste Dana’s time, getting his hopes up on something he wants to put together.”


  • MCM says:

    BJ has more than paid his dues. If he wants to stay retired, he’s earned it. If he doesn’t want on the Hawaii card, that’s understandable, but get him in the announcers booth at least.

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  • Lord Faust says:

    Seriously, it took Frankie Edgar and GSP to keep belts away from him, and a savage beating at the hands of his stylistic anathema to finally close out an otherwise outstanding career. Like other members of the old guard, BJ doesn’t need to stick around to pick up wins and possibly pad some new guy’s burgeoning resumé.

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  • No question about Penn helped build the sport to what it is. One of the most charismatic and polarizing figures in the sport ever. I think he should sign on with the UFC as an announcer, a matchmaker assistant or something of that nature. He may never grace the octagon again but he can(and still does) help the sport constantly.

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  • Rece Rock says:

    Paging Kendal Grove…

    2 wins this far outside the UFC (both taking place in Hawaii) and a possible third win when he fights I think this month or next…

    Even if it’s a one and done scenario it’s good to have a home town kid on the card… Too bad Leben is suspended I’m pretty sure he lives in Hawaii .

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  • MCM says:

    I wonder if Troy Mandaloniz is gonna ref?
    I thought they’d bring back Shane Nelson after going 3-0 with 3 stoppages, but it looks like he just lost last night.

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  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    Even though Penn is retired, he still fights just as much as Condit did against Diaz. Retirement is so technical.
    Penn come back and fight Melendez in SF.

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  • edbuzz says:

    To Heck with Hawaii, I hope a volcano eruption wipes out all of those islands with hot liquid magma.

    Those Hawaiian’s hate anyone who isn’t Hawaiian. The cops will not help you if a Hawaiian messes with you. They hate Mainlanders and don’t want to be a part of this country, the USA. They like the money but nothing else.

    I say F them and disown them Mongoloid ugly freaks.

    Love B.J. Penn

    Kendall Grove does the Tito Ortiz crap after a victory of imitating a burial of his opponent. So lame. I don’t care for him either.

    Love Leben.

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  • Dufresne says:

    Let’s all just pretend that bit of trolling didn’t happen.

    BJ has been around long enough and accomplished enough that he can do whatever he wants at this point. Hell, if he decides he wants to jump up to LHW for a rematch with Lyoto I say give it to him. If he wants to stay retired and focus his time on coaching and his family, good for him.

    Personally I’d like to see him go the route Ricardo Almeida chose and become a MMA judge. He knows more about the intricacies of MMA both standing and on the ground than just about anyone else on the planet.

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