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Dan Henderson refutes claim he turned down Lyoto Machida match-up

Dan Henderson isn’t one to usually pass on fights, so when Dana White spread news this week the former PRIDE/Strikeforce champion had decided against taking a match with Lyoto Machida it seemed odd.

Now, on his Twitter account, “Hendo” has set the record straight or at least given his side of things.

“Was never offered Machida. And even though he has lost 3 of his last 4, I’m sure it would be entertaining,” Henderson posted.

Machida is coming off a loss to champ Jon Jones with other recent defeats to Quinton Jackson and Mauricio Rua.

Currently, Henderson is awaiting word on who he will face next. The former 41-year old icon was hoping to become the next contender to the UFC light heavyweight title but that opportunity went to Rashad Evans leaving Henderson’s future a bit hazy.


  • Hm…..maybe they should offer him The Dragon then…..his elusive style might give Dan some fits….then again Dan’s right hand might give Machida a serious injury.

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  • LiverPunch says:

    Here we go. Dana vs Dan again. I remember another time he was in title shot limbo and at odds with Dana. The result was he became a “bad fighter” and the Strikeforce champion.

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  • MCM says:

    Funny, I remember his contract being up and him wanting more money than the UFC thought he was worth, so he left for a better paycheck.

    At any rate, he’s in a tough spot. I don’t think he should fight Machida cause that’s a lose lose situation. If Dan wins, Machida in 1-4 in his last 5 and no longer a top contender. If Lyoto wins, the LHW division loses the only other fighter that can rightfully claim a shot at the title.
    I understand, Dan has to fight, but give him someone a little higher up. I think the winner of the Rampage/Bader match is good and could be a #1 contender fight since everyone else is coming off a loss.

    Or just say f*ck it, and give him a tune up fight against Tito. Good ratings, good paycheck, not a lot of risk of Hendo getting a loss. It’s a win for the company, a win for the fans (casuals that still think Tito is the man), and a win for both Dan and Tito. Dan gets to hold his spot in line without risking it against an up and comer and Tito gets to retire fighting a legend.

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  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Rampage if he wins would be a good match up for both men.

    Gives them each a well known person to fight. If Bader wins Hendo would take him to school and make it look easy.

    I’m sure Tito would fight Hendo but, why would Hendo want that fight unless he just wanted a throw away fight to stay active. Really don’t think Tito would stand a chance to beat Hendo.

    Machida makes the most sense in terms of keep busy fight and would be more competive than Bader, Tito or possibly even Rampage.

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  • LiverPunch says:

    Oh so he wasnt at odds with Dana and in title shot limbo? I think you will find he was MCM. Must be nice to be able to forget things that actually happened.

    – “I never saw a dime,” Henderson says of the [UFC Undisputed] video game money. “Where do you think the money should go? The fighters are asked to sign away their likeness rights, and [the UFC] tries to get it forever.”

    – Another UFC business stance that irked Henderson was the company’s interest in charging apparel sponsors, like Henderson’s own Clinch Gear, a fee, such as $10,000 for four months of unlimited appearances in the UFC octagon. “It’s like UFC is sticking their hands in our pockets,” Henderson said.

    – Henderson said he understands “it’s a business,” but noted that White “said he’d write me a check for $25,000″ for public appearances connected to a future fight after UFC 100, “and I never saw that either. It’s made me think I need everything in writing from now on.”

    – Meanwhile, White took a swipe at Henderson’s drawing power when he texted that he wouldn’t attend the Saturday Strikeforce card: “They have sold two tickets to that fight.”

    And heres more MCM to remind you of what you have blockrd out. Why did you pick Strikeforce over the UFC?

    Henderson: The decision was based on a number of things. It wasn’t just a financial thing. It was the fact that I felt I wasn’t getting the fight that I wanted in the UFC. That was a big part of that — that I wasn’t and that it got yanked away from me. I think I stepped up for the UFC a number of times and had earned that right again for a title fight. And the fact that publicity-wise, CBS offers quite a bit more than a pay-per-view and Spike TV. In September, you sat down with UFC owners Lorenzo Fertitta and Dana White in Las Vegas and confronted them about being passed over for the next middleweight title bout against Silva. How did they respond?

    Henderson: The fight got pulled from me and was offered to Vitor (Belfort). I met with them after Vitor fought Rich Franklin. I told them that it does irritate me. I said, ‘Why does Vitor get to jump the line when there’s me and (Nate) Marquardt here who can both fight for a title shot and Vitor’s never fought for the UFC at 185? He jumps the line, especially since I beat him.’ They acted surprised that I’d even fought him. They weren’t up on those details at the time. It jogged their memory, but either way, to put someone in there that I dominated not that long ago… You’re the first top-ranked UFC fighter to leave that promotion and join Strikeforce’s ranks. What do you think this says about the current climate of the sport?

    Henderson: Obviously, I was fighting in Pride for a long time and I’ve never been one to really jump ship. Had I felt a little bit more, I don’t know… I was planning on finishing my career in the UFC. When I signed with the UFC, that’s what I was planning on doing. I think that whatever transpired or how they handled me just didn’t work out at present, especially for me at this point in my career, it was definitely Strikeforce. I don’t know what that says about the climate of the UFC. I think that they need to really respect the fighters a little bit more.

    So yeah it is funny that you think that ;)

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  • AlphaOmega says:

    Machida is by far my favorite fighter, but I don’t see why hendo would take the fight now. Sure it’d be entertaining, but like was mentioned before, if machida wins there goes Hendo’s number 1 contendership.

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  • MCM says:

    LP – you just elaborated on what I said. He did want more money than the UFC was willing to give him.
    What does it say about the climate in SF though that he would “jump ship” while holding the belt to go back to the UFC?

    None of that matters now cause he’s in the UFC and looking for, what I would consider, a filler fight. I still think Tito is the best bet, cause Dan can make a lot of money fighting Tito without risking his spot as #1 contender. I’d of liked to have seen him against Crop Cop at HW if he was still around, but I can’t think of any HW that has earned the right to face someone of Hendo’s stature that isn’t in the title hunt right now.

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  • LiverPunch says:

    So was he at odds with White and in title shot limbo like I said?

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