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Frankie Edgar: “I’m not in this to play second fiddle to anybody.”

Three straight wins including two in a row over opponents on the cusp of a title-shot; a 15-2 record with ten stoppages; a dynamic competitor who is bigger, stronger, and younger.

UFC lightweight champ Frankie Edgar has heard it all regarding the adversary he’ll defend his title against this weekend at UFC 144, Benson Henderson, and if asked would likely agree with the hype heaped upon the former WEC title-holder’s shoulders. However, Edgar would have it no other way, as he embraces the pressure as a means of remaining motivated.

“He possesses a lot of good skills,” said Edgar of Henderson in an interview with the UFC promoting Saturday night’s show. “He’s very hard to submit. He’s got a strong wrestling base. He’s a unique striker.”

“I don’t try to give my opponents any weaknesses cause I want to put them on a pedestal,” the 14-1 champion continued. “I almost like to go into fights a little scared of opponents because that’s gonna motivate me to win.”

Edgar also draws his fire from the strap around his waist, though not because of the fame or fortune attached to the shiny trinket. Rather, it’s about the things that have gone into the title most would consider to be far more valuable than gold

“For me right now, to be lightweight champ, it means everything. That’s why I’m in this to be…I’m not in this to play second fiddle to anybody,” Edgar explained. “It’s not so much the belt that holds the significance but it’s what the belt means and how much I’ve worked for it…how much my team has worked for it and how much my family has sacrificed for it. So yeah, I’m not gonna give that belt up very easily.”

Check out the full video below and make sure to catch UFC’s return to Japan this weekend:


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