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Rashad Evans exchanges verbal jabs with Jon Jones on talkshow

They may have been teammates before but it’s clear UFC light heavyweight king Jon Jones and ex-champion Rashad Evans have no love for one another anymore.

After working together in New Mexico under the guidance of Greg Jackson, Evans departed the camp once Jones said he would have no problems facing “Suga” down the road for the title. His stance, in addition to having not spoken to Evans directly about it, angered the Ultimate Fighter 2 winner and the two have been on a path to fight ever since.

Finally, after having the bout called twice due to injuries, Jones and Evans will tangle on April 21 in Atlanta at UFC 145. Before they exchange blows in the Octagon, however, the two have been battling in a verbal sense and got into a word-based brawl recently while appearing on Canadian sports-show SportsNite.

When the topic of a training session came up where Evans claims he held Jones down, the streaking champion responded by saying, “You’re talking about a day where you held me down for may be 30 seconds and said, ‘OK Jon, work to get up.’ You didn’t strike me. You didn’t submit me. You held me down.” Evans obviously had a different take on the matter.

Check out the complete interview below:


  • Angry Mike says:

    Pure hype. They’ll hug it out after the fight is over.

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  • MCM says:

    Jones sounds more and more like a Scientologist every time I hear him speak. I can’t wait for Rashad to beat his arrogant ass.

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  • Niv says:

    I have absolutely no problem with how Jones conducts himself, I actually like it. I think he’s very confident in himself and is a polite and decent guy. He seems to have a good head on his shoulders so I’m a little confused by the hate the guy receives.

    I think the fight will be very entertaining right up to the point where Jones separates Rashad from consciousness, I really don’t think Rashad will have anything for Jones.

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  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Don’t understand hate for Jones either. Was he supposed to not try to achieve his goals in life? Or maybe was he supposed to kiss Rashads ass in every interview?

    I haven’t heard him say near the amount of disrespectful things that Evans says but, there is still hate.

    So they trained together..neither man knows for sure how hard the other was trying.

    Rashad seems to take whatever happened more seriously than Jones. I’m sick of hearing about what may or may not have happened in training.

    Rashad better be careful to not break his arm patting himself on the back before the fight.

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  • MCM says:

    See, now I don’t understand the Rashad hate. I’ve never heard him say anything disrespectful unless he was disrespected first, he’s always professional and is an exciting fighter. And yet he gets almost as much hate as Kos and Bisping.

    In just this one little clip, Jones puts himself on a pedestal and says that America needs to be like him. HE says he’s a role model, HE says the world needs him, HE says he’s an inspiration.
    When Ali said he was the greatest, it was showmanship. When Chael says he’s the rightful world champ, it’s showmanship. When Jones says history has never seen anyone like himself, it’s not showmanship, it’s hubris. As he says, he believes his own hype.

    Jon is unquestionably a major force in MMA and a great talent for the sport. . And when he falls (to Rashad), I hope he doesn’t break. But the way he’s constantly building up his own ego makes me think it’s extremely fragile to begin with.

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  • Rece Rock says:

    You guys that don’t understand the hate must have missed this gem at twelve seconds into the clip… he says he don’t have the riches and doesn’t have this and that… and is then interupted and reminded he has a brand new Bentley.

    It’s all about his persona that he wants to put out there I think alot of fans take it as an act that puts out there to keep up a persona that is not his… He isn’t dumb, he is being given the role of the face of the UFC and he is going to do what it takes to keep the $ flowing, the brass happy.

    I’m not taking anything away from Jones talents and amazing abilities… he’s great and great for the sport, but I can clearly see why some fans don’t like him and his persona.

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  • Niv says:

    Actually I didn’t miss the gems, what I’m seeing is a very young guy who is inexperienced and it shows in his ways of expressing himself.

    When I was 24 I didn’t have the means to buy a Bentley (sadly I still don’t), but having that much success that young and having the means to fulfill your dreams is great. I have no problem with what he’s saying he’s just very awkward at getting his message out and and that’s his inexperience speaking.

    I expect him to come across better as he matures more, but I think he is a great role model for young kids.

    As for Rashad I’ve never disliked him either, but here he’s the one that comes off as arrogant to me, it’s all in his tone with how he’s setting Jones up. I guess that’s all part of the head games leading up to the fight, so be it.

    As far as the fight goes I still think Jones is going to beat Rashad, but I don’t care one way or the other who wins.

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  • Richard Stabone says:

    I’m amazed how well Bones has handled his meteoric rise to fame & fortune.

    In most pro sports, guys at the elite level were pretty well groomed from an early age on, so by the time they reach the pro ranks they’ve had some exposure to the spotlight and been able to gradually figure out how to adapt to that level of attention & scrutiny.

    But for Jones, he entered the UFC as a no-name fighter a month after his 21st birthday. A little over 2 years later he was a UFC champion, and things haven’t slowed down a bit, as he’s coming off a 2011 that was easily one of the most impressive years by a fighter in MMA history. And all along the way the guy seemingly hasn’t missed a beat.

    And with a couple of brothers who are NFL defensive linemen, I doubt any of the boys made it out of that household being *soft*.

    Between the two, Rashad comes across as the one being a little more sensitive than he needs to be at times, with perhaps a bit of a fragile ego behind it. He’s never gotten a ton of fan support, so perhaps it’s understandable.

    Regardless, both guys have been nothing but good for the sport and this is the best matchup at LHW right now. Everybody loses eventually, but I can’t see Rashad bringing anything to the table that Jones won’t handle. Setting aside the Hamill DQ, Bones will run his streak of finishes to 8.

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  • Creature says:

    Im not exactly sure why, but i just dislike Jon Jones. Something about him just seems fake, as Rashad points out it seems like the Jon you see on camera and the Jon off camera are totally different and i cant stand when people (famous or not) are fake on camera to appeal to try and appeal to everyone watching. I have no legitimate evidence of this but something just tells me Rashad isnt BSing everyone and Jon truly does need to be humbled.. and ive been saying it for a while now that i think Rashad and Hendo are the only people at 205 who have a legitimate chance at pulling it off.

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  • Richard Stabone says:

    …it seems like the Jon you see on camera and the Jon off camera are totally different and i cant stand when people (famous or not) are fake on camera to appeal to try and appeal to everyone watching.

    Yeah, I hear ya, but in this day & age of constant media attention & all the scrutiny that comes with it, I think guys at the level of GSP & Jones are wise to be careful in how they build their brand (i.e. themselves) and choose to market their image.

    Michael Jordan seems to have been the first to really do it. He was a cut-throat competitor, who’d punch a teammate in practice, land himself in shady high stakes gambling circles, bang porn stars, and whatever else in between, and yet he’d flash his smile on TV commercials and sell shoes and underwear like nobody’s biz. Decked out in designer suits, always saying the right thing when cameras/mics were in front of him, selling Nikes and Fruit of the Loom. He was able to build a friggin empire, but the *real* MJ and the one in the media spotlight were obviously quite different, but Michael has always pulled it off very well & it’s certainly served its purpose.

    Other guys like Kobe and Tiger have taken the same approach, with mixed results. In MMA I’d say GSP was the first guy to catch on, and Jon Jones isn’t all that far behind.

    I’m obviously generalizing here but at a basic level that’s how I view this stuff with these guys who are the truly elite in their sport. I don’t know how real vs. fake Jones is, or how humble vs. cocky, but as I mentioned in a previous comment I think it’s pretty remarkable how well he’s handled all this as a kid in his early 20s whose fame came out of virtually nowhere.

    But yeah, he’s probably cocky as hell. I don’t think anybody reaches that level without being supremely confident, which includes a healthy amount of cockiness that helps fuel the elite guys. So I can totally understand why people would be anxious to see him get beat. It’s part of the fun of pro sports.

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