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Rashad Evans exchanges verbal jabs with Jon Jones on talkshow

They may have been teammates before but it’s clear UFC light heavyweight king Jon Jones and ex-champion Rashad Evans have no love for one another anymore.

After working together in New Mexico under the guidance of Greg Jackson, Evans departed the camp once Jones said he would have no problems facing “Suga” down the road for the title. His stance, in addition to having not spoken to Evans directly about it, angered the Ultimate Fighter 2 winner and the two have been on a path to fight ever since.

Finally, after having the bout called twice due to injuries, Jones and Evans will tangle on April 21 in Atlanta at UFC 145. Before they exchange blows in the Octagon, however, the two have been battling in a verbal sense and got into a word-based brawl recently while appearing on Canadian sports-show SportsNite.

When the topic of a training session came up where Evans claims he held Jones down, the streaking champion responded by saying, “You’re talking about a day where you held me down for may be 30 seconds and said, ‘OK Jon, work to get up.’ You didn’t strike me. You didn’t submit me. You held me down.” Evans obviously had a different take on the matter.

Check out the complete interview below:


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