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“Rampage” Jackson says knee injury stymied performance at UFC 144

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson didn’t seem like his usual self against Ryan Bader in the co-headliner of UFC 144: Edgar vs. Henderson Saturday night. Following an entrance featuring the PRIDE theme and brought those in attendance at the Saitama Super Arena to their feet, Jackson never got on track, looking fairly sloppy throughout as Bader claimed a decision victory.

After missing weight, the former light heavyweight champion disclosed he suffered a knee injury in training likely keeping him out of the bout had it not been in Japan. “Rampage” made a name for himself while fighting in Japan before joining the UFC and had lobbied for a chance to compete on the card since the second it was announced.

“I almost didn’t make it to the fight, but I didn’t want to pull out for the Japanese fans,” said Jackson at the post-event press conference. “I injured my knee pretty bad, and my doctor told me not to fight. But it wasn’t real serious. I didn’t need surgery or nothing, but he told me it wasn’t a good idea to fight.”

Jackson went on to say he believes the injury came about while working with Tyson Jeffries on his wrestling. “Rampage” added his belief he was in as good of shape as ever before the knee problem sprung up and said he would be back fighting once again as soon as he’d healed up completely.

The loss was the second consecutive stumble for Jackson who also fell to title-holder Jon Jones in September.


  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Rampage has lost his drive. If he really wanted to get back into the title picture he would have beat Bader. I know he said he injured his knee but, he really hasn’t looked like he was hungry for a while.

    He has stated before he is in it only for money and if Hollywood came knocking he would be done with MMA. Only problem is Hollywood isn’t knocking and his role in A-team was more a product of a role fitting his natural personality and not any indication of natural acting ability.

    Hope Rampage gets his knee right and finds his fire again. Think either Rich Franklin or maybe Tito Ortiz would be a good fight. Well known guys who he should be able to beat if he fights like he is capable but, also guys who are savvy veterans who should not be overlooked who could steal a round or two and take the win.

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  • hindsightufuk says:

    you could see Rampage couldnt get any torque on his punches last night, and a few times he lost his balance, i figured it was either a back or knee injury that was hampering him. plus he seemed to give up on trying to escape from his back, i dont think he had escape as an option cos he couldnt get the pressure on his knee.
    shame to see him go out like that, would love to see him fight Franklin

    awesome night top to bottom, possibly the best card in any mma i have seen since Pride left us

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  • Rece Rock says:

    Page is a warrior but he should have known better… It’s one thing to try and do it for the fans and the company but if your going to completely under perform its better to step down regardless of how much notice… This certainly didn’t score him any points with the brass.

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  • climbarock says:

    Aside from the slam, Rampage looked awful…out of shape, no rhythm, couldn’t get off the bottom in rounds 2 and 3. But, I’ll buy Rampage’s excuse and give him a break on this one. This fight, and the Akiyama/Shields fight, were certainly the low points of an otherwise excellent card. I was screaming at my TV for Akiyama to pull the trigger…WTF was wrong with him?

    OT: great throws by Akiyama, but Rogan needs to learn the names of the major judo throws…calling every throw a “judo throw” is amateur. It’s like calling every choke a “jiu jitsu choke” or every takedown a “wrestling takedown.”

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  • Rece Rock says:

    Saw a quote on Twitter that said Page said he just showed up for a check…that’s a real dick head comment if he really said that… I’m a fan but that’s inexcusable if it’s the truth.

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  • Lord Faust says:

    That would be extremely uncouth. Especially with all his yammering about thanking Ryan for taking the fight and wanting to put on a show for the fans, even with his injury.

    Like you said, Rece, we’re fans but that’s the kind of crap you keep to yourself.

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