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Video surfaces of Benson Henderson’s failed audition for TUF 9

UFC lightweight champ Benson Henderson is only a few days removed from the biggest victory of his career, winning the title from Frankie Edgar over the weekend in a highly-entertaining headliner at UFC 144. However, a couple of years ago “Bendo” was little more than a young up-and-coming fighter out of Arizona who dreamt of stepping foot inside the Octagon.

To help facilitate the process Henderson decided to throw his name in the hat during casting for the Ultimate Fighter Season 9.

“I fought my way through the smaller shows. Now it’s my time to dance underneath the big lights. I will win the Season 9 Ultimate Fighter and I will fight for the title. You’re looking at the future lightweight champion of the UFC,” said Henderson in recently released audition tape.

Though he was not selected, instead watching Ross Pearson eventually win the season’s lightweight trophy, Henderson’s submission was apparently impressive enough to convince Zuffa to sign him to WEC’s roster and the rest, as they say, is history.

Check out Henderson’s audition below:


  • Rece Rock says:

    It’s probably better to have been signed to WEC then to have been on TUF… just sayin.

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  • MCM says:

    Once again, proof that TUF is NOT about finding the best unsigned talent. Also see season 10 for example.

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  • that season was about findin the best british talent….i knew when they brought in Jason Dent that the US was hella gettin the crappier roster. Ben would’ve ran roughshod over the competition and he might’ve been a champ sooner…but then again we wouldnt have gotten to see him thrill us all by getting his arm wrenched sideways and not tapping, choking out Varner before the guillotine hit the ground or get kicked in the face by pettis in the most dynamic way possible.

    So im glad things went the way they did.

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  • jasonah says:

    He’s that good, they knew they would see him soon enough any way.let him Win some more fight’s and be Invited into the U.F.C. Without being on TUF. He was “over qualified” as someone who’s unemployed right now, I’ve been hearing that too! He will not be going any where for Quiet a while.He will Be the man or one of the top guy’s for a long time.

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