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Scoring error made in Ian McCall-Demetrious Johnson flyweight bout, plans made for immediate rematch

UFC President Dana White made quite the announcement during Friday night’s post-fight press conference for UFC on FX: Alves vs. Kampmann, as it was revealed the Ian McCall-Demetrious Johnson flyweight tournament semifinal should have gone to a fourth round.

Johnson was given the victory based on the scorecards read at Octagon-side earlier in the night. However, it was later found out that one card was not added up correctly, meaning the bout should have been a majority draw and forced the two fighters into a “sudden victory” round to determine who would eventually meet Joseph Benavidez.

The Australian Athletic Commission’s leader made an announcement following White’s remarks concerning the error, taking full blame for the situation.

“One just actually scored the (third) round a 10-8. It was down on the tally card as a 10-9 round, which scored it as a majority win to Johnson. But that 10-8 would have made it into a majority draw,” said spokesman Craig Waller. “It was my error. I take full responsibility for the error that was incurred.”

White added that, “Controversy has stuck to us like glue lately. These things happen, human error happens.”

While Waller made mention of a rematch between McCall and Johnson taking place in April, White said no timetable has been set for the two to battle again. Benavidez also said he would remain idle until a finalist is determined to meet him for the UFC flyweight crown.


  • hindsightufuk says:

    i actually had it scored the same, 10-8 last round for McCall.
    i really hate disliking fighters for no apparent reason but Demetrious really winds me up the wrong way. its that winning on points thing again. i was screaming for Creppy to finish him. At least he gets another pop. still think it should have been a 5 rounder in the first place

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  • JabCrossHook says:

    I think the first round should’ve gone to creepy or it should’ve been a draw. The third round wasn’t a 10–8, how the fuck does a judge give that round a 10-8 and not give shogun the last two rounds as 10-8s….?

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  • The good news is we get to see this one again.

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