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Wyoming latest State to legalize MMA

This past week, the Wyoming Senate and House of Representatives passed legislature making Mixed Martial Arts legal in the state.

The bill, sponsored by Representative Bill Pedersen, added legitimacy for the sport forcing venues to host sanctioned fights. Previously, bouts in Wyoming did not count on the record of a fighter as they were not regulated.

In getting the bill passed, Wyoming will create an athletic commission to oversee and police fights. Notable fighters like Nate Marquardt and Justin Salas are from the area, showing a true MMA base does exist in the State.

With Wyoming jumping on the MMA train, only Connecticut, New York, and Vermont have yet to legalize MMA, while Alaska is without a boxing or athletic commission similarly to Wyoming before the recent bill. Before the good news West Virginia had been the latest State to regulate the sport.

While Wyoming is nice, New York remains one area the UFC is focused on trying to get into though they have dealt with several issues in attempting to do, mainly battling the Culinary Union based on a separate issue with Station Casinos (based on the involvement of Frank/Lorenzo Fertitta with Station Casinos).


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