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Carlos Condit still fine with waiting for GSP to heal up

Don’t mind Carlos Condit if he sits on the sidelines, waiting for a title-unification bout with Georges St. Pierre. Condit, who defeated Nick Diaz earlier this year for the interim belt, plans to remain true to his word in holding off on fighting again before facing linear champ GSP later this year.

“Well, the bottom line is, I have my heart set on fighting Georges St-Pierre,” said Condit, while visiting Inside MMA this week. “I’m waiting for Georges and that would be my next opponent.”

St. Pierre remains on track to return in November following his recovery from knee surgery. The Canadian suffered the injury in training to face Diaz, prompting the UFC to create an interim champion in his place.

However, Condit is willing to wait forever, as “The Natural Born Killer” added that if St. Pierre is forced to sit out past the end of this year he will entertain the thought of fighting someone else.

Check out the complete interview below:


  • I cant say I blame him. He’s been begging for this fight since the WEC days and now its in his grasp and he doesnt want to risk it. Would I prefer he fight beforehand? Absolutely, Condit is one of the most exciting fighters to ever grace a ring/cage/octagon! Plus how vulnerable will GSP be when it comes time to step into the ring? 18 months out with his mind full of nothing but Nick Diaz….which if that really IS the case, Carlos will make very short work of him. If GSP actually focuses on condit, it’ll be a fight for the ages.

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  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Carlos v. GSP Is gonna be a five round snooze fest. Condit won’t want to let GSP get a take down and GSP doesn’t want to stand and trade.

    Lots of circling and feints and another five round GSP UD snoozer.

    Think I will keep my $60 in my pocket for this one.

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  • see I think it’ll be awesome because of what you stated Hatter. GSP will be looking for takedowns and carlos will be lookin for subs sweeps and counter knees all night…GSP for once has NO SAFE PLACE TO HIDE!!!(ground with hardy, feet with shields, avoiding one strike with Kos, ground with Alves et.) If Shields can take one or two rounds on his feet from GSP(depending on which judge you ask) Carlos can take 5.

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  • JabCrossHook says:

    carlos can take 5 rounds running away and landing with his in step which does almost NO damage

    anyone who thinks those leg kicks were devastating needs to train more

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  • danw84 says:

    Hahaha still so butt hurt.

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  • THEGUNNER says:

    Maybe he wants to up his street credit by beating a rusty gsp then if he beats diaz again whos to say hes no real champ. I would love to see diaz a gsp compete for a yitle shot that would be a great fight

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  • Hey JCH…..28-5 26 finsishes… me ONE top tier fighter with a better finishing ratio

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  • MickeyC says:

    This is what I can see happening:
    Diaz’s suspention will be shortened to 6 mo.
    He will return about the same time as George.
    George will want to postpone his match with Carlos to fight Diaz.
    Condit will sit and wait longer.

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  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Even if I think GSP will win I will be pulling for Condit. Only reason is after so long holding title and hearing the same pre fight crap from GSP I hope he loses. That way there will be less grumbling about Diaz v. GSP and then it will open up WW division a bit.

    Although I just know unless Condit gets 1st round KO they will give GSP immediate rematch.

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