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Carlos Condit: “Not every single fight is gonna be a war.”

UFC interim welterweight champ Carlos Condit likes nothing more than entering the Octagon and throwing punches with whomever is standing across from him. However, when it came to defeating Nick Diaz to earn a shot at the actual title, he knew needed to stick to the plan instead of engaging in an all-out war.

That’s exactly what “The Natural Born Killer” did, earning a decision victory over Diaz though not necessarily in the most satisfying fashion, at least where fans’ opinions are concerned. Now, instead of worrying about what others thinks, he has his sights set on unifying the titles with Georges St. Pierre later this year.

“I don’t think it was the war that everybody was expecting, or even that me or Nick was expecting,” said Condit of the situation in an interview with the UFC’s website. “But it was an entertaining fight and I proved to myself that I can really stick to a game plan and a strategy.”

Condit talked about how in the past, as soon as punches were thrown he would abandon the plan going in and just try to win the exchanges. Now, as he grows as a fighter, Condit feels fully believing it what you prepared to do is the better course.

“Not every single fight is gonna be a war,” Condit said. “This fight showed me that I’ve matured as a fighter with experience.”

The date for Condit-GSP is unknown with St. Pierre continuing to rehab from knee surgery. He apparently has a good cushion of time too with Condit adding he will wait at least until the end of the year for a match with the legendary Canadian.


  • climbarock says:

    Still a Condit fan, and will be rooting for him against GSP.

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  • MMA-LOGIC says:

    No it doesnt have to be a war but that doesnt mean it has to be a race either.

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  • Sykotick says:

    Still on that logic?? He game planned and beat Diaz, period.
    To quote i think it was Superdave, people freaked out on Cowboy when he stayed in the pocket against mini Diaz, now people are freakin out on Condit when he didn’t do that against big Diaz, there’s no pleasing you people.

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  • madheartmma says:

    He didn’t “win” that fight in alot of people’s eyes. Mostly fighters, like Chuck Liddell, Dan Hendo, Jens Pulver, Josh Neer, Pat Militech, Deigo Sanchez,…and sooo many more.(Joe Rogan, after watching fight second time, from tv audience view) I gave Diaz the win. If ANYTHING it could of been a draw. I’m a fight fan, and it was disappointed by Condit’s performance. Judges suck. Only retired fighters should be judges in my opinion. But I hope Condit vs. GSP is a good one.

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  • thanks Sykotik.
    Was I dissapointed in that fight? Sure but in the end did carlos not put on a display of elusiveness movement and cardio that Dominick Cruz Machida and Edgar couldnt have done any better? Sure did. and if you disagree then you have no business being a fan of any of those other three fighters as well…cuz let’s face it, ALL 3 of those guys have the majority of their wins by decision….whereas The Natural Born Killer has 2 decisions against notabley hard to finish guys coupled with 26 finishes.

    as a matter of fact carlos has more finishes than the 3 previously mentioned fighters combined
    just sayin….stop whining like a crybaby schoolgirl Logic and cut the guy a break. He DID just beat one of the best WWs in the world.

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  • AlphaOmega says:

    My whole thing with people complaining about how Condit fought is this, there’s two people in the cage, after the second round when diaz realized what condit was continuing to do, why didn’t he change his game plan to stop it? Was he actually incapable of changing how he fights to stop a fighter from countering how he fights?

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  • JabCrossHook says:

    Dave pointing out how many finishes carlos has doesn’t do anything when the fight we’re talking about he ran away and landed with his in step doing barely any damage. Carlos the Natural Borne Runner, staying true to that name by waiting to fight GSP for another year instead of defending the belt. Which is the whole point of the interim belt.

    All that running that Carlos did gave octagon control to Nick, but that only counts when its a wrestler pinning someone against the cage. lulz only in bizarro world carlos won, most people scored it for diaz. With all the running Carlos did, he should’ve been penalized.

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  • No JabCrossHook just because you’re moving forward while your opponent moves side to side, draws you in lands on you more times than you land on him, ducks under your arms takes three running steps to reset and turn around to repeat cycle does not give you control of the ring. On the contrary you’re doing exactly what he wants you to do which means he’s controlling your movements ergo controlling the pace of the fight ergo Controlling the octagon.

    As far as the damage of the instep, ok but they landed. Now the five or six times the ball of Carlos’s foot smacked Nicks chin you seem to forget that. Or the straight punches that The NBK landed all night…or the multiple times he had Nick covering up because he was throwing spinning backfists and elbows hitting him repeatedly…or the fact that Nick’s face was much more mangled come the end of the fight.
    Yes Carlos’s game plan was to not get cornered and unloaded on by the greatest volume puncher in the game. Or get stuck against the cage and outworked in a rock em sock em robots. Or play the submission game(I supposed its Carlos’s fault for avoiding Nick’s takedowns too huh?) with one of the scariest BJJ blackbelts in MMA history. He stuck, moved landed more strikes did more damage AND made Nick play his game.
    How is that not effective grappling striking and octagon control winning the fight?

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  • JabCrossHook says:

    Dave Carlos did almost no damage he wasnt elusive he didn’t use superior footwork and controlled distance with strikes. Every single time they were in the pocket he RAN away. That’s not being elusive that’s stalling he fight. Nicks face easily gets cut pointing out how a fighters face looks after a fight is pointless. Look at fedor vs crocop, fedors face looked more busted than mirkos but we all know who won the fight. Simply put they counted way too many of those bullshit non committal Ickes as significant strikes. And a jab landed to the chin is more significant than 5 of those baby leg kicks

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