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Ken Shamrock sounds off on fighter pay, Dana White’s role in the UFC’s growth

MMA icon Ken Shamrock has never been one to remain silent when he has a strong opinion he feels is worth sharing. Shamrock is a former UFC champion and was part of the promotion during its infancy, helping build it into what is now the sport’s leading organization.

For Shamrock, though, just being remembered doesn’t seem to be enough, and as such he’s continued to speak out against the likes of UFC President Dana White regarding pay and his role in the UFC’s growth.

“I don’t like to come in and say, ‘I’ve done this and I’ve done that,’ because really, it takes a village to make something happen. And to hear Dana White say, ‘I did this and I did that. It was me. And he didn’t do this and didn’t do that,’…well, how in the world did they get to where they were at if it was just Dana,” said Shamrock while visiting The MMA Hour on a recent episode. “Because I didn’t see him in the ring. I didn’t see Dana fighting. I didn’t see the numbers go up when they just had Tito (Ortiz) there. I didn’t see any of that.”

Shamrock went on to discuss how he helped push the UFC to the forefront during his feud with Ortiz. The two were coaches on The Ultimate Fighter and helped draw some of the biggest viewership numbers the promotion has seen to date. Shamrock, a former professional wrestler, also talked about a bone he’s had to pick for some time – fighter pay.

“They will never let you get in there and see the books,” said Shamrock in reference to a claim by White that he made $2.5 million in the company. “It’s not open. So then they make statements like that, and it doesn’t make sense.”

Shamrock will always be remembered for his role as a UFC Hall of Fame fighter, though any chance of a reconciliation between himself and White seems highly unlikely at this point for personal reasons.


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