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Dan Henderson plans to remain active for years to come

If you ask Dan Henderson, retirement is not something he has on his mind at the moment. Rather, “Hendo” is instead focusing on cashing in on a victory over Mauricio “Shogun” Rua from last November by turning it into a championship fight for either the light heavyweight or middleweight title. As such, for the time being, Henderson will remain patient and await an opening for one of those two belts to become available.

However, just because he’s holding out for a specific scrap doesn’t mean he’s on the cusp of calling it quits. While fast-approaching his 42nd birthday, Henderson’s thought on retirement are not those many would expect to hear, with the former Strikeforce champion instead feeling he has years left in his seemingly ageless body.

“I’ve changed my training, I’m smarter with my training,” said Henderson, in an interview with ESPN. “I’m also smarter with my positioning and techniques. I know what works and what doesn’t. I’ve got three fights on my deal, and I’ll probably sign one more deal after that.”

As long as the scenario play out as he expects, that could put Henderson close to the same age as Randy Couture when he finally decided to retire, though Henderson quickly added, “I definitely won’t be as old as Randy when I retire!”

If things work out, expect to see Henderson matched up against either Jon Jones or Rashad Evans once the two meet in April or Anderson Silva-Chael Sonnen if somehow that bout falls through.


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