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Junior dos Santos finally makes statement regarding Alistair Overeem situation

UFC heavyweight champ Junior dos Santos isn’t about to be the forgotten man in the ever-evolving Alistair Overeem situation. Dos Santos, who is still expecting to face Overeem at UFC 146 on May 26 until told otherwise, apparently remains as in the dark as an average fan regarding whether or not Overeem will step inside the Octagon in Las Vegas. After Overeem’s pre-fight drug test came back positive for an extremely elevated level of testosterone, speculation has run rampant on what might happen to the planned heavyweight title match.

“Cigano” revealed his thoughts on the entire situation by way of his Twitter account Thursday.

“I am professional and I’m champion without ever having used anything for better performance when you guys see me fighting that’s really me,” Dos Santos wrote. “About what happened to Overeem, I don’t know anything more than you guys know and for me it’s between him and the Nevada Athletic Commission. I know a lot about me that’s it!”

Dos Santos has yet to defend his the title he won in November as knee surgery has kept him on the sidelines since earning the crown with a victory over Cain Velasquez. Currently, most signs point to Frank Mir – who is set to meet Velasquez in a #1 contender match – as the likely choice to replace Overeem and face Dos Santos if Overeem is yanked from the lineup due to a lack of license.


  • perfect! Let Mir fight Jr and probably get his head knocked off and let Cain fight either Struve or Hunt, both who have a SOLID chance of beating Cain by far different methods. Personally I think Cain got the gentle road to the title and there’s alot of new HWs out there to test him that werent in the UFC beforehand…..Werdum would be an AWESOME replacement to fight Cain.

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  • THEGUNNER says:

    Wheres fedor when u need him? Mir vs jds fedor vs cain.

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  • MCM says:

    So….what was his statement?

    And to go off topic. Yes superdave, Cain did get a gentle road to the top. But I think he would beat Struve.

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  • JabCrossHook says:

    Dave that sucks, we wanted to see two amazing HW strikers go at it and we got robbed. This idiot Dana should’ve made sure Alistair pissed clean if they promoted the shit out of that fight.

    GSP probably uses PEDs but he will NEVER piss dirty because he has all of canada watching, hes too big to get caught.

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  • elsicilian says:

    bring back brock!

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