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Jim Miller: “It’s not about the title shot, it’s about winning the title.”

Jim Miller has a pivotal match on the horizon, taking on Nate Diaz in the main event at UFC on FOX 3. The winner between Miller-Diaz will earn the #1 contender spot in the UFC’s ultra-competitive lightweight division. For Miller, though, the fight means little without ultimately bringing home the belt instead of simply just becoming the top contender.

“It’s not about the title shot, it’s about winning the title, and being the best and being known as the best and having respect from everybody that you are the best,” said Miller about the May 5 match-up in his latest video blog promoting the bout.

Miller was on the cusp of receiving a crack at the belt before but a loss to Benson Henderson – the current lightweight champ – set him back. Now, with a submission victory over Melvin Guillard in two, he is one win from getting back there.

Check out Miller’s latest “Fighter Diary” interview in the player below:


  • fitfreak says:

    Well, um, Jim, you have to get a title shot before you can get that belt. Don’t look past Diaz.

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  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Miller is a tough dude but, I don’t see him being able to beat Diaz. His strength is his submissions and ground game and Diaz isn’t someone you want to be on the ground with.

    Standing and trying to trade punches with Diaz isn’t a wise choice either as he throws so many punches you are likley to end up on the losing end.

    Millers best chance is landing a big punch and swarming before Diaz can recover for GNP TKO.

    Maybe then he can talk about titles or title shots.

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  • Jim Miller CAN beat Nate Diaz, if he takes him down works his sub defense and doesnt take any chances on the ground. The best way to beat Nate is to wrestle him to death and Jim has the chops to do it…HOWEVER, that’s not the Jim Miller way and that’s what I think his downfall will be.
    Jim will probably stand and trade until he gets tired of not being able to deal with the volume boxing of young Nathan and then he’ll take him down, pass guard and get caught up in some scary snarly Diaz choke and be put to sleep cuz Jim’s a tough sumbitch who probably wouldnt tap.

    This is a true fight fans dream fight where you’ve got two greatly well rounded tough dudes who can finish from anywhere. The only thing is, whoever wins this will probably wait for awhile for that title shot cuz Frankie and Ben II will be just as epic in the first and someone will get hurt Im sure of it.

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