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Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney: “There’s no way to survive and be successful in this type of business if you’re anything less than on.”

Despite differences in demeanor, Bellator CEO Bjorn Rebney works in much the same manner as UFC President Dana White. As the key figurehead in the promotion, Rebney is someone MMA fans and media look to for insight and news on Bellator. However, he isn’t quite cut from the same mold as White, who tends to be a little more outspoken.

Rebney and Bellator will replace the UFC on Spike TV in 2013 when their live fights head over to the network. Spike and Bellator are also planning a reality show, a move only helping push the Bellator brand to the masses. While his organization will go head to head, Rebney was recently asked how he’d fare against White in an in-ring confrontation.

“My understanding is he’s got a great standup game. My standup game isn’t that great. I’d probably go right back into a pre-production meeting and try to compete where the competition is ripe, which is putting on live events and putting on great TV shows,” joked Rebney in a recent interview with

“There’s no way to survive and be successful in this type of business if you’re anything less than on,” Rebney continued. “We have no off-season. It never stops. Need five days off to do this or that, this isn’t the place for you.”

Rebney also admitted he enjoys watching the UFC though does so in a different manner now than was the case when he was simply a MMA enthusiast.

“I’m a fan and I watch some of the UFC shows because there’s great fighters I want to see fight,” Rebney said. “Then part of it is to track what the competition is doing in terms of their numbers and how people are responding and what they’re doing live-wise and internationally.”

Bellator has announced they will expand to three-hour cards when they move to Spike TV next year. The next Bellator show is set for this Friday night with bantamweight champion Zack Makovsky defending his title against Eduardo Dantas.


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