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TUF 15 Results: Team Faber makes it three in a row

The show started off with a quick recap from last week’s episode which saw Michael Chiesa defeat Jeremy Larsen, evening the score between coaches Dominick Cruz and Urijah Faber at two all.

Chiesa celebrated in the back with Team Faber, while Larsen and Team Cruz were obviously upset at the outcome. Cruz called out Chris Tickle, who was revealed to have shown up drunk to the fight. Tickle and Joe Proctor met this week in another elimination-fight.

Proctor stated he felt like he’s at an advantage facing Tickle. Back at the house, Tickle was shown chowing down on some corn dogs and relaxing in the hot tub while preaching about fitness. As you can expect, his behavior upset several members of Team Cruz who didn’t feel like Tickle is taking full advantage of this opportunity.

Mike Rio, who has been nursing a knee injury for a couple of weeks, talked to Justin Lawrence about the hard pace Cruz continues to push on them. Rio wants a day off, while Lawrence feels like this is what they signed up for. As you could expect, at the next training session Rio and Lawrence are paired up and the two go full-speed-ahead at each other which upset both fighters to the point of frustration. Their agony seemed to excite Cruz after he started seeing more intensity out of his squad after two straight defeats.

Tickle pulled a prank on Proctor, setting up a bucket of water to fall on his head as he opens the door after a training session. Proctor took it in good stride and actually laughs pretty good at it. With it being Easter weekend, Tickle also prepared a turkey while the fighters enjoy themselves in the pool area with a homemade Slip-n-Slide.

UFC middleweight Vitor Belfort is at the training center for the live fight. Belfort can currently be seen coaching opposite Wanderlei Silva on TUF Brasil.

In the one-on-one interview segment, fans saw the softer side of Tickle, as he talked about his family and why he fights. The piece is a complete 180 from the Tickle over the past few weeks of TUF.

Tickle returned to his lighter side later on, weighing in at 153 pounds with a slice of pizza in his hand. Proctor came in at 155 and let Tickle know he smells like pizza. That has to be a TUF first.

Back to the live fight, the first round began with Tickle as the aggressor, coming straight at Proctor and landing some nice jabs and solid kicks and even throwing a few head-kicks to test the distance out. Proctor remained hesitant to fire off anything with much power behind it. Tickle was on point with his striking, but Proctor fires some knees that land. With less than a minute left, Proctor got the takedown and went right into a Rear-Naked Choke, locking in the hooks and putting pressure on Tickle. Tickle tried hold off from tapping as the round went under 30 seconds but couldn’t last and gave in.

With that, Proctor moved to the show’s next round at 4:42 in the first frame with a submission.

Next week’s fight will feature Team Faber’s John Cofer going up against Vinc Pichel from Team Cruz.

TUF 15 Season Summary:

Cruz’s Team: Justin Lawrence, Sam Sicilia, Myles Jury, Mike Rio, James Vick, Vinc Pichel, Chris Tickle, Jeremy Larsen

Faber’s Team: Al Iaquinta, Cristiano Marcello, Daron Cruickshank, Joe Proctor, Michael Chiesa, John Cofer, Andy Ogle, Chris Saunders

Team Records: Faber 3, Cruz 2

Advancing to Semifinal: James Vick, Justin Lawrence, Al Iaquinta, Michael Chiesa, Joe Proctor

Eliminated: Daron Cruickshank, Cristiano Marcello, Myles Jury, Jeremy Larsen, Chris Tickle

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