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Ratings bounce back up for latest episode of TUF 15

After seeing viewership drop to a six-figure number for the first time in series history a week ago, this past Friday’s episode of The Ultimate Fighter 15 was a little better received, giving hopes the series might still recapture its former glory.

Featuring a bout between Joe Proctor and Chris Tickle, the show averaged a million viewers, still well-below those brought in by this season’s debut. The debut drew 1.3 million viewers, but the show has yet to get back to that number since.

With coaches Urijah Faber and bantamweight champion Dominick Cruz, along with the a new live-fight format, the UFC was hoping to generate big ratings on FX. Instead, it seems that fight fans are failing to tune in whether due to the change in day or network.

MMAWeekly was first to report the latest viewing ratings.


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