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Frankie Edgar, Benson Henderson, and six others pass UFC 144 drug test

It may be sad to say, but in this current day and age,  it is actually a story in the world of MMA when competitors take a drug test and come back clean. As such, eight fighters from February’s UFC 144 card in Japan were tested and the entire lot came out spotless. All of the tests were negative for drugs of abuse (street drugs) along with PEDs.

Based on the lack of regulatory board in the region UFC Vice President of Government and Regulatory Affairs Marc Ratner helped lead the screenings.

Benson Henderson, who became the new lightweight champion at the show, and opponent Frankie Edgar were among those tested. The other six fighters’ names were not disclosed to MMAJunkie which first reported the matter.

Results from UFC on Fuel 2 are expected in the near future with the UFC also handling those tests as well based on it taking place in Sweden.


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