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Kenny Florian offers thoughts on how Rashad Evans can beat Jon Jones at UFC 145

Kenny Florian is turning himself into one of the top announcers and analysts in all of MMA. His background in the sport, along with his calm demeanor Octagon-side, have Florian making more and more appearances on TV.

As an analyst on UFC Tonight Florian was asked to break down what Rashad Evans needs to do to defeat light heavyweight champion Jon Jones when the two meet this Saturday night in the main event at UFC 145.

“Evans could be the Joe Frazier to (Jones’) Muhammad Ali. He has the power to take down Jones,” Florian said, continuing, “If he can get inside of him, he has the takedown ability. He has to get in there and do it quick; he can’t make it a technical fight. He has to keep moving his head. He has the power in his hands and feet to get inside and to eventually break Jon Jones.”

Florian also believes Evans has won the verbal war, saying, “Evans has been beating Jones verbally for the last six weeks. That can really get into your head.”

:Ken Flo” also sees experience playing a role in that, as a former champion, Evans knows what it takes to secure the belt. He also knows what it feels like to lose it, something Jones has yet to taste.


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