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Breaking It Down: Bellator 67

Horrible timing is having Akihiro Gono, Ben Saunders, and Cosmo Alexandre all fighting two hours away from your house and not being there to see it. However, I suppose I have a good reason. I’m on vacation in sunny Puerto Rico!!!!

Well, that’s not true. Actually, I’ve been moving, and have no internet access, so I’ve put together an abbreviated version of my Bellator 67 breakdown, sent to the site via carrier pigeon.

Preliminary Card:

Nathan Gunn defeats Dom O’Grady via TKO Round 2
Nordine Taleb defeats Matt MacGrath via Unanimous Decision
Cosmo Alexander defeats Lorawnt-T Nelson via TKO Round 1
David “Bo” Harris defeats Nick Kirk via Unanimous Decision
Matt Veal defeats Will Romero via Unanimous Decision

Main Card:

Damian Grabowski (15-1) vs. Dave Huckaba (17-4)

Grabowski is once beaten, and he’ll remain so when he takes out Huckaba.

Winner – Damian Grabowski defeats Dave Huckaba via Submission Round 1

Ryan Ford (17-4) vs. Luis Santos (50-7-1)

This is a great fight. I like Ford quite a bit, but, I just don’t seem him coming through here.

Winner – Luis Santos defeats Ryan Ford via Unanimous Decision

Ben Saunders (13-4-2) vs. Bryan Baker (17-3)

Both of these men had a rough go of things in the quarterfinals, so this fight might just absolutely suck. I’m optimistic though, a good fight, with Saunders walking away with the win.

Winner – Ben Saunders defeats Bryan Baker via TKO Round 3

Michael Chandler (9-0) vs. Akihiro Gono (32-17-7)

Gono has seen it all in the cage, but Chandler is just a new breed of fighter and he should absolutely run through Gono.

Winner – Michael Chandler defeats Akihiro Gono via TKO Round 2

Not much of a breakdown this week, but I’m confident that you’re all badass MMA fans, and all you care about are awesome fights. As always, Bellator airs live on at 7:00 PM EST with some preliminary bouts with the main card going live at 8:00 on MTV 2, in Canada, or on

Enjoy the fights!


  • hindsightufuk says:

    Both of these men had a rough go of things in the quarterfinals, so this fight might just absolutely suck.

    wow what a fucking input, glad you made the effort

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  • hindsightufuk says:

    missing from this piece is the psycho Karl Amoussou vs unbeaten David Rickels, that alone is worth tuning in for.
    some great prospects on the prelims, Nordine Taleb and Lorawnt-T Nelson in particular

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  • Lord Faust says:

    I am pissed I have to wait until tomorrow to see this — and I have to avoid all my usual haunts so as not to spoil it. This card looks sweet. I didn’t realise how much I love Bellator until I had to go cold-turkey last week.

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  • hindsightufuk says:

    yeah i have to download it tomorrow morning, no one shows it in the UK
    and like wise, no (new) mma last week for me. it just isnt a weekend end with out a decent event.
    so fucking stoked for this weekend though

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