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Miesha Tate confirms that Ronda Rousey “basically tore everything” in her arm

Former Strikeforce women’s bantamweight champ Miesha Tate has finally admitted what many already figured –  Ronda Rousey tore her arm up. Tate has remained pretty silent on the loss to Rousey earlier this year, but those that watched how “Rowdy” bent her arm the wrong way knew “Takedown” was in for some rehab.

Since the loss, Tate has gone to the doctor and had plenty of exams done on her arm. She said at the time that the arm was not broken but avoided specifics beyond that single note. While she still isn’t handing out detailed information the 25-year old has shed some more light on her limb.

“I basically tore everything. I tore the inner and outer sides of my ligaments attached to the muscles and bone,” said Tate while being interviewed during last weekend’s Invicta FC card. “They actually pulled the bone off with the ligament and then I tore all the muscles around that. So…it was pretty bad, but you know, for me, it wasn’t really that bad.”

Tate added that she is scheduled to visit the doctor again and hopes that she will be cleared to return to action in the coming months.


  • Lord Faust says:

    She finally admits Roussey fucked her up, then still tries to play it tough.

    Look, ma’am, there is no shame in saying you got bested. Cut it with the faux tough-girl attitude.

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  • THEGUNNER says:

    Is acting tough getting her paid? I doubt it. Shes gonna be out for to long for anyone to care about her.

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  • Richard Stabone says:


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  • Kamakosmo says:

    Hmmm, strange….she neglected to mention how I tore her….nevermind, not the place.

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  • JBAR says:

    I would not call her toughness an act, I have seen a lot of guys who could not tap quick enough when an arm bar was locked on. She was able to get out of the first one but not the second one. You can question how smart she is, she should have tapped sooner and saved her arm to fight another day, but I don’t see where you can question her toughness.

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  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    In a sport where toughness and bravado is encouraged for both sexes I can understand her reluctance to tap and her downplaying the injury.

    That being said there is so shame to submitting when you find yourself unable to escape a very painful hold. I’m not saying tap the very second hold is applied but, if you find yourself unable to get free within a short amount of time just tap out.

    Easier said than done but, it’s easier to take a small hit to your ego than having serious injuries requiring extended rehab and inability to fight just to show people you can stand having someone damn near snap your arm off for that extra few seconds. You know before ligaments got torn away from the bone the pain was off the charts at that point ego should be ignored in place of self preservation.

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  • Angry Mike says:

    Watching that fight reminded me of Big ‘Nog’s refusal to tap to Frank Mir. When somebody as skilled as Mir or Rousey have the hold, it’s over. Resolve to do better next time and live to fight another day, and without long term lay offs and rehab.

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  • hindsightufuk says:

    this is how desensitised we have become (we? me? cmon)
    that picture up there, although is a human with her arm bent hideously the wrong way,
    all i see is crotch,
    and i like that

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  • Lord Faust says:

    Mir’s post-fight interview, he said “I knew he wasn’t going to tap… So I took a deep breath and… Well, if I say anything more you’ll probably think I’m derranged.”

    I wasn’t even referring to the tap, so much as her attempts to play it off like “oh yeah my arm is fine.” At this point you’re not impressing anyone.

    I can understand “I didn’t want to tap, I thought I could get out of it.” What I don’t understand is “yeah my ligaments are fucked, stuff pulled off the bone, but you know, for me, that’s not bad.” That’s the stupidest thing I’ve heard. You’re on the shelf, probably need physio and maybe even surgery; by any metric worth a shit, you’re in a bad spot.

    Fuckin’ hubris… Drives me nuts.

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  • Dufresne says:

    I understand that folks don’t want to tap out due to either pride or the belief that they can get out of it, and that’s fine when it comes to chokes. You’ll pass out and if the ref is decent (big “if” if it’s someone like Kim Winslow in there) you’ll get saved and you won’t suffer any long term damage. But when it’s a joint lock not tapping is just stupid. The moment she realized she wasn’t going to get out of it she should have just called it and fought her way back to a rematch. Now she has an injury that may never heal properly and may hinder her from ever reaching the level she was at before she decided that her belt was worth more than her health.
    Same thing to an extent with Nog. He knew Mir would break it, but at least in his case he’s already approaching the end of his career so if he can’t come back he’s not cutting it that much shorter. Tate is only 25 years old. She should have a decade left in the sport, maybe more, but if she keeps making dumb decisions like this one she won’t even be relevant by age 30.

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