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Dana White: “I think a fight with Hendricks vs. GSP is pretty interesting.”

UFC President Dana White saw enough from Johny Hendricks Saturday night at UFC on FOX 3 to proclaim the former Oklahoma State University wrestler a legitimate contender in the welterweight division. Hendricks secured a decision victory over Josh Koscheck in the co-main event from East Rutherford, New Jersey, pushing his record s to 13-1.

The accomplished wrestler is just the second fighter to hold wins over both Koscheck and Jon Fitch, two former title-contenders. The other man to do so is current UFC welterweight champ Georges St-Pierre.

“Josh Koscheck, because he gets booed, may not get the respect that he deserves, but he’s a great fighter and has been for a long time and Johny Hendricks won (Saturday),” said White during the show’s post-fight press conference. “Whether you agree with the decision or not, cause some people think that Koscheck won or it should’ve been a Draw, it was that close. I think a fight with Hendricks vs. GSP is pretty interesting.”

The 28-year-old Hendricks has rebounded from a loss to Rick Story to earn his spot among the elite in the division. While a title-shot may still be a ways off, Hendricks is right there at the top in terms of potential options.

St-Pierre and interim champ Carlos Condit are scheduled to meet later this year when St-Pierre returns from knee surgery, while Jake Ellenberger-Martin Kampmann are fighting in June to determine the man who will face the winner of GSP-Condit.

The full UFC on FOX 3 press conference can be found below:


  • Big Stank says:

    Could Hendricks recreate the “magic” Serra did? He certainly has the punching power

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  • Niv says:

    I say it’s too far away still, throw him in there with GSP Jr., Rory McDonald and really make things interesting in the WW division.

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  • Makington says:

    I guess it’s slightly interesting as GSP hasn’t faced him, but GSP will just stay out of Hendricks’ reach and jab away at him until Hendricks starts swinging a bit wilder and then GSP will take him down. We’ve seen this all before.

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  • MCM says:

    Ya, seeing how ineffective Hendricks was off his back, I doubt GSP would have much of a problem with him. I won’t deny that Hendricks is right at the top of the division, I just don’t find the idea of him fighting GSP all that intriguing.

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  • It COULD be interesting…no doubt…if Hendricks works his cardio to a point where he can hang….he got wore out by Kos and GSP pushes an much more insane pace…but now even Dana White is overlooking Carlos Condit? Wow……he’s dumb too.

    I still think The NBK has the best skill set to beat GSP(Cardio, striking and scarier off his back than ANYONE GSP has ever faced) with GSPs one advantage being wrestling, You could also put Nick Diaz’s name in there…I agree, let’s see Hendricks take on Rory while we’re waiting, because either way that sets up a great next contender, if Rory doesnt want to fight Georges and he beats Johny, then let him get the winner of Ellenberger vs. Kampmann.

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  • joe mo mma says:

    They should dissolve Condit’s belt immediately if they havent already done so. Whats the point of having a belt that you cannot defend?

    Hendricks is pretty fun to watch.. but a fight with GSP IMO wont be that interesting. GSP has mastered his jab. From the looks of Hendricks performance against Kos, he would get mauled with GSP’s jab alone.

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  • JBAR says:

    In a couple years maybe, Hendricks still needs to polish up his game a little more to be ready for GSP. He would have a punchers chance right now but that is about it. Now if GSP were to lose to Condit I could see that fight happening sooner than later.

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  • Actually Jo mo they should strip GSPs title from him, and let condit defend his title. Carlos has been smashing through everyone while georges sits on the shelf. Is it fair? No…but life isnt fair

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