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Michael Bisping upset at notion of Hector Lombard leapfrogging him for title-contendership

Michael Bisping doesn’t respect Hector Lombard‘s 25-fight unbeaten streak the former Bellator middleweight champ will bring with him to the UFC and doesn’t like the idea of it trumping his own accomplishments under the organization’s banner.

Lombard, who signed to compete inside the Octagon last week, will make his debut against Brian Stann later this year, while Bisping, who is coming off a semi-controversial loss to Chael Sonnen, will face Tim Boetsch on July 21 at UFC 149.

“(Lombard getting a title shot with a win over Stann) does piss me off a little bit, you know?” said Bisping, in a recent interview with MMADieHards. “I’ve been slugging away in the UFC for six years now, fighting the best guys in the world, and just because Hector Lombard’s been knocking out part-time fighters who probably hold down jobs full-time and he’s been knocking out people that I haven’t got a clue who they are, I haven’t even heard of them, you know, while I’ve been knocking out the best fighters in the world.”

Bisping went on to say he doesn’t feel like he will ever receive a title shot because his winning streaks get stopped by close decision losses like his one against Sonnen.

“I think I’m still in the mix up there. I definitely haven’t gone down,” Bisping said. “I definitely think I’m one of the top few. I think I could give (UFC middleweight champion) Anderson (Silva) a good fight.”


  • Dufresne says:

    I get where he’s coming from and even though I had his last fight scored in his favor, a loss is a loss. You’re not going to get a title shot in the MW division coming off a decision loss these days. If he wants another shot at the belt he needs to get back on his horse and get a few more wins against some good competition. Preferably without throwing illegal knees and spitting on people in the process.

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  • Brendhan Conlan says:

    You’re kidding yourself if you think a fighter has to win more than 1-2 fights after a close loss to receive a title-shot.

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  • Lord Faust says:

    If Silva wrecks Sonnen, then it makes way more sense to throw Lombard in with him — provided he gets by Stann — than Bisping. Regardless of how the fight was scored, Bisping didn’t look like he would be anything but a target for Silva in that loss.

    I don’t blame him for griping, he’s got to promote himself. Really, any deep discussion is pure speculation since Silva has to defend his title, and Lombard has to beat Stann. Not just the outcomes of the fights weigh on future decisions, but how all parties involved perform.

    If Sonnen eeks out a close decision, there’s no way the most dominant champion in MMA history isn’t getting a rematch immediately. Also, if Lombard beats Stann but looks like crap, or outright loses, then maybe Bisping would move to the front of the line again.

    Plus there’s the chance of injuries. I hope Bisping isn’t wasting energy thinking about this already.

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  • MCM says:

    I actually agree with Bisping on most these points. Although I wouldn’t mind seeing Lombard get the shot ahead of him. And he’s stretching the truth quite a bit by saying he’s knocking out he best guys in the world.
    Mayhem- top 20 at best
    Rivera – top 20-30 at best and retired (I think)
    Kang, Day, McCarthy, Sinosic, Shafer, and Haynes – either no longer with the UFC or no longer fighting
    Not quite the murders row he tries to make it out to be. But I do think he’s right there at the top, hasn’t gone down any, and would still be a good fight for AS.
    If he gets by the Barbarian and Lombard gets by Stann and gets the next shot, I’d like to see Bisping/Vitor next. Then a Bisping title shot.

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  • Big Stank says:

    Id like to see Bisping vs Belcher instead of Boetsh.

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  • moosebaby02 says:

    OK I guess I have to agree withShitsbing on pretty much everything he is saying excepy for the points that has already been stated. He hasnt knocked out anyone dangerous. He is up there somewhat n Sonnen has a way of killing gameplans but like already stated he will just be a target fot the Spider

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  • Brendhan Conlan says:

    With all those thumbs down it seems apparent a good number of people don’t like the truth.

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  • Makington says:

    I think they were hoping for some evidence. Machida had the questionable decision loss to Rampage, then kicked Couture’s face off for the title shot. Basically every single LW title shot has been doing it since Edgar first fought Penn and 155 turned into Rematchweight. Urijah Faber is getting his 50th title shot soon after 1 win. Sonnen of course but we all know how he really earned his title shot. Velasquez will probably get a title shot whenever he wins his next fight.

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  • Big Stank says:

    @BC… What about Randy Couture? KO Loss to Chuck and gets a title shot against Timmay!! Even tho it’s a different weight class, it happens

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  • darth_irritable says:

    The thing is, Silva is a stylistic nightmare for Bisping. Unlike Sonnen who does well all the things that Silva is bad at (He’ll still lose – and hard), everything Bisping does well, Silve does better.

    It’s actually in Bisping’s best interest to let someone else dethrone Silva, so he’ll finally get his shot against someone he might be able to beat.

    Don’t get me wrong. I think Bisping’s actually pretty good – it’s just Silva is a bad bad match for him.

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  • Silva is a bad bad match for anyone that stands and doesnt cheat(OHHHHHHHH I said it)
    Conlan is right….especially at MW it only takes one or two impressive wins to get that title shot…or even unimpressive-cough Maia cough-
    I agree that Belcher is a much better fight for the count than Tim, but hey, Tim has earned the right to get a top fighter, and Bisping was available.
    Belcher should get the winner of either of these two fights and the other surviving victor should get a title shot….either way, only because that’s all thats left for contendership

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  • oh and Makington the rematches are garbage at LW(just gettin old, not that they’re not great fights) but Benson earned his shot by dominating 3 great fighters (Bocek, Guida and Miller)

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  • Screenplaya says:

    Let’s face it. Who here doesn’t want to see Bisping/Silva? I am fairly sure everyone falls into either the “I want to see Bisping crushed” or the “I want to see Silva crush” camps. I think Bisping/Silva sells on those counts alone. Besides, I would be very interested to see a matchup of the two best technical strikers in the weight class…even though the difference between 1 and 2 appears to be fairly large.

    But, my heart wants Boetsch to win and make this all moot.

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  • Niv says:

    Personally Lombard vs Silva is the most intruiging match-up out there. I’d rather see that fight than Bisping anytime.

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  • Rece Rock says:

    As a fan and not a fighter I don’t care about the title shot I just want to see Sonnen & Bisping 2… I want Bisping to give Sonnen back to back losses after Silva wrecks Cheal.

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