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Frank Mir putting finishing touches on his plan for Junior dos Santos

Former UFC heavyweight champ Frank Mir will seek to take back the belt he once wore when he faces Junior dos Santos in the main event at UFC 146. As most know already, Mir took the place of Alistair Overeem who failed a pre-fight drug test and was originally scheduled to face Cain Velasquez in a #1 contender match. With the late-change in opponents, Mir has had to ramp up his planning going from Velasquez to Dos Santos given the fighters’ difference in style.

“It does change things a little, but not everything,” said Mir in a recent interview with TATAME. “(Dos Santos’) strongest point is boxing, so his game plan is not to be on his punching zone so he won’t find me.”

Mir was called on to fill Overeem’s vacancy based in part on a submission victory over Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira last December, his second victory over “Minotauro”. With the close relationship between “Big Nog” and Dos Santos, Mir is unsure if that will play any factor in the bout.

“I guess he’s only fighting me because I’m trying to take that belt off him,” Mir said. “I guess it means much more than trying to revenge Nogueira’s loss to me. At the end of the day, he will be more focused on fighting me for his own reasons.”

UFC 146 is set for May 26 and features an all-heavyweight PPV card.


  • Rece Rock says:

    I went 0-4 in the main card of UFC on Fox 3….

    With that said… I’m going to pick MIr by sub round 2. Good thing I’m not a betting man.

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  • THEGUNNER says:

    I want mir to win this one but I think he has to find a way to get jds on the ground. Before he subbed minitaro he got wobbled by a shot that would put him outif jds connect like that.

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  • Angry Mike says:

    I think Dos Santos will tag him, and the question is whether Mir gets his hands on Dos Santos while Mir’s on auto pilot. If Mir does, a submission is a real possibility as in the first fight with Lesnar and the second fight with ‘Nog. I think Dos Santos will be a little more cautious given Mir’s ability to sink in the Hail Mary sub. Dos Santos by ko, imo, round three or sooner. I could be wrong.

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  • Richard Stabone says:

    When Frank gets hit, he turtles up and takes his beating. In his last bout, Nog inexplicably stopped raining down punches when Mir was in all sorts of trouble. Perhaps it was due to a warning from the ref about avoiding back-of-the-head shots, perhaps he wanted to finish with a sub in an effort to demonstrate Brazilian BJJ superiority. Whatever the case, Mir was very fortunate to escape with a victory and, unfortunately for Frank, JDS aint gonna stop hitting him once he’s hurt.

    Also, back-to-back articles about a dude named Frank. Nice. How about going for the trifecta… anything current & relevant with Frank Shamrock these days? Maybe he got his braces taken off?

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  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Plan one: you are not Rocky Balboa and letting him wear himself out by punching you in the face is not a viable strategy.

    Plan two: the ground is your friend, you want to make sure you introduce your opponent to him and keep him there. Grab a limb and twist.

    Plan three: don’t try to knock hm out!

    If you can get past Plan one, you have a chance at victory.

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  • Richard Stabone says:

    Getting JDS to the ground will be a difficult task. Not that Frank will do it, but if that was his sole gameplan it could turn out like Leites vs. Silva.

    So he’ll have to mix it up and look for the takedown but I think JDS will get him on the feet before that has a chance to happen.

    And then we’ll get to hear Dana talk out of both sides of his mouth again… “Nobody has ever been able to take JDS down!” …followed by… “That was dumb strategy not to take the fight to the ground against JDS!!”

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  • Niv says:

    I wish I could get excited for this fight, but unfortunately I can’t. It’s such a huge let down from the Overeem vs JDS match-up, this will unfortunately last as long Cain vs JDS.

    I’m trying to give Mir his due, I just can’t see him doing a thing here. Hopefully we’ll see Mir vs Werdum one day, that has the makings of a good fight, this one not so much.

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  • mcwtlg says:

    I have a lot of respect for Mir’s ground game and his improved striking but I have to say that JDS tags him hard and then keeps tagging him once he falls until a merciful ref (Dan Miragliotta?) pulls JDS off off of him.

    I have a feeling Mir’s face is going to get busted up bad…and this from a Mir fan.

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  • Screenplaya says:

    My guess is that Mir will stand with JDS until either: a) JDS separates him from consciousness, or b) there is an opening for a takedown, either through Mir landing a good shot, or JDS pressing forward for the kill.

    Unfortunately, if JDS is pressing forward, it is likely Frank will be turtling, so that eventuality is unlikely.

    JDS by KO, no later than Round 2.

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