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Urijah Faber open to fighting Renan Barao for interim title

Now UFC bantamweight champ Dominick Cruz is officially out of a planned match with Urijah Faber at UFC 148, what does “The California Kid” hope is in his future? Rather than wait for Cruz to return or dismiss the notion of fighting in July, it turns out Faber wants to face a fellow top contender in the division with the involvement of an interim title.

“I’m just waiting to hear what happens,” said Faber in a video he released through his website. “I’m thinking an interim title, he’s been out almost a year-and-a-half now once this surgery goes through, it’s going to be another nine months, so I’m hoping for a top contender. Renan Barao in my opinion is next up, Michael McDonald after that, and Ivan Menjivar after that, so I’m just waiting to see.”

Barao is scheduled to fight at UFC 148 against Menjivar, while McDonald recently defeated Miguel Torres.

Cruz suffered a torn ACL during a practice session and will be sidelined for several months as a result. It remains unknown how the UFC will handle the situation.

See what else Faber had to say in his video by checking it out below:


  • Big Stank says:

    I hope Barao smashes Faber, I’ve wanted to see Cruz vs Barao for a while now

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  • Rece Rock says:

    Even with a interim strap Faber will generate alot more attention and interest to the division then Cruz with the real strap.

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  • trupert says:

    You have to give Faber some respect here. Instead of wanting to wait around like others in the past, he wants to stay busy AND fight the best available, not take some cupcake just to stay warm.
    Faber vs Barao and Menijvar vs McDonald sounds great if McDonald is good to go by 7/7/12. That way, you’ll have an interim champ and #1 contender lined up immediately.

    Plus it will give some time for others to rise up like Pickett, Easton, winner of Hougland/Jabouin, maybe Bedford, Delorme, Figueroa, Cariaso etc. (You’d figure maybe 3 other these will develop into contenders)

    sidebar: I know they don’t like matching fighters coming off wins with ones coming off losses but Bowles has already fought Mizugaki and Torres, so I’d do:
    Bowles vs R. Assuncao.and
    Torres vs Cariaso.
    I’d do Hougland/Jabouin loser vs Mizugaki.
    Hougland/Jabouin winner vs Pickett,
    Figueroa/Stone winner vs Jorgensen/Wineland winner (and the losers of those fights vs each other)
    McDonald/Menijvar loser vs Faber/Barao loser, and
    Bedford vs Easton.
    Delorme just fought so keep him healthy and handy as a last minute replacement if any of the above fighters get hurt leading up to their fights.

    I think that sorts of the UFC bantamweights for the next year, right?

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  • There’s something wrong with Urijah’s math skills seeing as how its been less than a year since cruz beat him and less than 8 months since he beat mighty mouse…no more interim titles….no more….Im so tired of them, either strip the champ or dont have a title match.

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  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Faber just wants some kind of belt cause he won’t be able to get it legit from Cruz and he knows it.

    Either way a match for no. 1 contender makes sense and each future match winner fights will hold same importance. Intern titles are a joke anyway when all it is naming no. 1 contender.

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