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Dana White unleashes verbal tirade concerning recent UFC on FOX ratings reports

UFC President Dana White has used social media to interact with fans on a level never seen before by someone in his position. At the same time, White also likes to take advantage of those tools to get his personal points across as well.

This week, White hammered home just how successful UFC on FOX 3 was. While some outlets reported the ratings numbers as being drastically down from previous shows, the brash boss of the UFC is standing by his claims that the show was a relative success in the big picture.

“You get these reporters who go out there and say all this (expletive) about the ratings without knowing all the facts,” said Whit, in a recent video blog. “Well, I’m going to layout the facts for all you guys who don’t know a lot about television ratings.”

The reported number – 2.4 million – initially drew the interest of White in this installment of his normally-fun-loving blog, pointing to a number of factors including the Cinco de Mayo holiday and viewership in general being down by ten million that night.

Check out the complete four-minute tirade below:

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