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Cain Velasquez looking forward to earning second shot at the title

Former UFC heavyweight champ Cain Velasquez would like nothing more than another chance at current title-holder Junior dos Santos. Last year, in the first UFC on FOX card, Dos Santos dropped Velasquez and claimed the divisional belt. After issues with original contender Alistair Overeem‘s availability Dos Santos’ first defense went to Frank Mir.

In a recent interview on UFC Tonight, Velasquez admitted he would have taken the rematch with JDS had it been offered but understands why Mir received the shot instead.

“I would have stepped in if they gave me that chance,” said Velasquez who facse Antonio Silva on May 26 at UFC 146. “But, it was the UFC’s choice. (Mir) has won three fights (in a row) and he should have the chance. I think of it as I’ll get my chance.”

Dos Santos-Mir will serve as the main event for UFC 146 with Velasquez-Silva slotted into the co-headlining position. It is believed a win by Velasquez will position him to face the winner of the evening’s title tilt.

Watch full video of the Velasquez interview below:


  • Rece Rock says:

    Hey Cain you didn’t get the rematch because you got dropped in 64 secs on live network TV with one of the biggest promotional build ups we have ever seen in mma…casuals and new fans alike tuned in for a HW championship caliber fight/ spectacle and instead they got squat…UFC lost fans that night certainly didn’t earn any, so that’s why you didn’t get the call…

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  • MCM says:

    I still think Werdum deserves the shot over Cain. Assuming both win, Werdum would at least be on a 2 fight win streak with his only loss since getting KO’d by JDS in ’08 coming in a controversial dec against Overeem. I’d rather see Cain take on the winner of Del Rosario/Miocic.

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  • Richard Stabone says:

    Barring injury, I predict Cain will hold the belt again by year’s end.

    For the JDS fight, Cain was coming off shoulder surgery and more than a year layoff since his victory over Brock. Then on top of that it was also reported he received cortisone shot(s) for his knee leading up to the bout and he weighed in ~10 pounds heavier than usual. It’s not like we were watching Cain compete at his best that night. Then again, neither was JDS who was dealing with a significant knee injury of his own. If it hadn’t been the inaugural FOX event, with all the hype & hoopla surrounding it (not to mention the UFC’s total lack of a fallback plan), I don’t think the fight would have even happened, with one of them (maybe both) instead pulling out.

    But the fight went down, JDS caught him behind the ear, and that was a wrap. I look forward to the rematch later this year.

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  • Wont be a rematch later this year….Mir vs Cain will happen shortly though. I truly think everyone needs to quit overlooking Mir…JDS says he has no heart. The fact that the man has held a championship let alone competed at the highest level of this sport after having his leg almost torn OFF shows thats wrong. The fact that he was hurt by Nog and then beat the man at his own game with better BJJ technique than the master himself, all while being rocked, shows he has heart.
    JDS is the one we’ve never seen in trouble, and if Mir’s straight left hits him flush, he’ll find himself trying to stave off an ankle lock and tapping out before surgery is required.

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  • Rece Rock says:

    Mir sub Rd. 2… Calls out Brock to stop fake fighting and come give him his rubber match… Results in greatest PPV butyrate of all time.

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