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B.J. Penn turns down opportunity to meet Josh Koscheck in the Octagon

Former UFC champion B.J. Penn will remain retired – at least for the time being – despite a request from his former bosses to meet Josh Koscheck inside the Octagon. Koscheck confirmed Wednesday night the UFC had offered him a fight with Penn contingent, of course, on whether or not “The Prodigy” was willing to come back to the cage.

However, Penn seems content to stay in Hawaii, train when he wants to, and help raise his children.

“I know it costs a lot of money to live that lavish lifestyle, big house, fast cars & you need big fights but sorry I’m not coming back anytime soon,” Penn exclaimed on his Twitter account yesterday.

Penn announced his retirement following a loss to Nick Diaz last year. Despite UFC President Dana White‘s attempts, as well as those like Koscheck who have tried to bait him into a bout, the native Hawaiian has yet to waiver in his contentment away from competition.


  • Rece Rock says:

    Kos will talk his way into another fight one way or another…. If I was him though I’d just stay in shape and be ready to replace an injured fighter on a card…

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  • fanoftna33 says:

    I wouldnt mind seeing Kos vs Sanchez 3, other than that he may try to avenge the loss to Alves as he took a beating but took the fight on short notice, with a proper training camp I think he takes alves 9 out of 10 times.

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  • MickeyC says:

    He can always start shit with Shancez, isnt leaban due back soon. He can always fire one of those fueds back up with a little effort.

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  • THEGUNNER says:

    Bj had a good couple rounds with diaz until he shut down.if his cardios not up to par for a fight it must have really gone to shit by now. Im a bj fan and I would love to see him bring it to diaz in a rematch.

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  • MCM says:

    I’d rather seen Kos vs Leben than BJ. Come to think of it, I’d rather see Kos move up to MW than stay as a permanent gate keeper to the top 5 in WW. Put him in with Palharres, Franklin, Munoz, hell even a Chael fight would be interesting and be considered “money” fights.

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  • Brendhan Conlan says:

    Leben’s suspension runs out in November so I suspect Koscheck will fight before then. Sanchez is an interesting possibility though he’s teased a a return to lightweight. Still, I’m sure he’d stick around at 170 for another crack at Kos.

    How about Rory MacDonald vs. Koscheck?

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  • MCM says:

    I don’t think MacDonald is a big enough payday for Koscheck. I think that’s what he’s looking for at this point in his career.
    How bout Kos/Rashad at 185? There’s a freaking payday.

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  • Richard Stabone says:

    I’m assuming Hendricks will face the winner of Ellenberger-Kampmann, in what should set up a #1 contender fight to take on the GSP-Condit winner.

    So with that group of fighters tied up, it doesn’t leave a lot of options for Koscheck. I guess Rory would work, and that could headline a free card on Fuel/FX, or maybe co-headline a PPV card. But it feels like a bit of a stretch. I wish Rory could fight Nick Diaz next, giving Rory a chance to really burst onto the scene with a win over a bigger name, while giving Nick an opportunity to avenge the ass whoopin Rory gave his brother. But wishing for anything with Nick involved is sorta begging to be disappointed.

    So I guess that brings it back to Kos vs. Rory. Not sure what else is really out there in the near future for either of those guys.

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  • Richard Stabone says:

    I guess Kos vs. Leben isn’t all that far fetched. It’s always been a fun matchup to think about, so maybe it’s time for it to actually happen. No point in Kos sticking around at WW now that he got bumped from the title picture.

    Leben’s suspension won’t expire till later this year, but that would give Kos some time to prepare for a move up to MW. Again, his run in the WW division is over and given that he turns 35 later this year the timing seems natural to move up a weight class. Let him (try to) beat up Leben for his 35th bday present, which would be a really easy fight to sell.

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  • JBAR says:

    Kos vs Nick Diaz for the Massengill trophy.

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  • Mad_Hatter_XX says:

    Don’t think BJ really wants to fight. kos would have been perfect for him. They are pretty equal at this stage of their careers.

    I see it as a winnable fight for BJ if he really wanted to fight. Otherwise he fights some up and coming star, hungry to make a name or guys like GSP, Diaz or Condit. He hasn’t fought Condit but, matches with GSP and Diaz didn’t end so well.

    I think BJ would have the slight edge over Kos no matter where the fight took place but, don’t see either guy as dominating the other. Too bad.

    Don’t think Kos will got to MW and if he does fighting Leben would not be a good idea. Kos likes to hang around and try to trade punches and I doubt he has the power to KO Leben where we know Leben could turn out just about anyone’s lights if you stand and trade with him.

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  • JabCrossHook says:

    TheGunner BJ was doing good for a couple of rounds against Diaz? What fight were you watching?

    First round was pretty close, and he got pieced apart in rounds 2 and 3. If it was a 5 round fight, Diaz would’ve finished BJ.

    That doesn’t even come close to what you stated that BJ had a good couple rounds. lol

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  • THEGUNNER says:

    He was diong good for a couple mins is more like it but he did good damage on diaz and with better cardio I bet he can beat diaz if he goes to the ground more than once.

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  • JabCrossHook says:

    I doubt it, Nick Diaz goes at such a pace he tires out his opponents, no amount of cardio workouts would’ve prepared BJ for fighting at Nick Diaz’s pace.

    He had a great opportunity to sub Diaz when he took his back and Diaz defended beautifully, I think if they fight again it would be the same result tbh

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  • Lord Faust says:

    BJ and Nick will never have a fair fight. Nick can’t make 155 — nor should he try, IMO — and BJ really shouldn’t be fighting at welterweight if he wants to be in the shape he needs to be to fight a cardio monster like Nick.

    At 170, Diaz beats Penn every day of the week IMO.

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