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Injury knocks Thiago Silva from fight with “Shogun” Rua, Glover Teixeira eyed as replacement

Thiago Silva has been forced to pull out of a planned fight with former UFC light heavyweight champ Mauricio “Shogun” Rua at UFC 149. However, Rua may not be without an opponent for long as Dana White is pushing for Glover Teixieira to make a quick turnaround and replace Silva in the bout.

“With Thiago hurt, we turned to Glover and asked him to go right back in to fight ‘Shogun’ at UFC 149,” said White in an interview with MMAjunkie. “But Shogun’s people are adamantly refusing to take the fight. They want nothing to do with Glover.”

Teixiera (18-2) won his UFC debut last weekend by defeating Kyle Kingsbury. His Octagon debut has been years in the making with visa issues having kept him from entering the U.S.until now.

Meanwhile, Rua (20-6) will returning to action for the first time since a loss to Dan Henderson last year. Rua’s manager, Julio Heller, told Tatame his client has not turned down the bout and is simply awaiting word from the UFC to confirm Silva’s injury.

UFC 149 takes place in July from Calgary, Alberta, Canada. Jose Aldo will defend his featherweight title against Erik Koch in the main event.


  • Lord Faust says:

    According to Shogun’s manager, nothing has been presented to him and his trainer yet. So, while Shogun would be wise to nix a lose-lose fight, he hasn’t declined anything.

    Shogun beating Glover means squat. Shogun losing to Glover means he’s basically finished as a top level LHW, since most people have no idea who Glover is.

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  • MCM says:

    Most people had no idea who JDS was when he smashed Werdum. Now JDS is the champ and Werdum is knocking on the door to a title shot. I wouldn’t say losing to Glover is as career crippling as you make it sound. And Shogun’s run in the UFC has been one of the least impressive of any top fighter. The same fans that don’t know who Glover is are the same ones that didn’t know the PRIDE Shogun. That’s why he’s not a huge draw.
    I think this is a good matchup, and a win for either fighter will only do good things for their careers.

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  • Lord Faust says:

    Shogun has had three knee surgeries. He’s got a very limited shelf life, regardless of how serious he takes his training.

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  • Richard Stabone says:

    Fighting Glover doesn’t present a ton of upside for Shogun, but it’s not like the initial matchup with Thiago Silva was much better. I like Thiago as a fighter, but his last official win was close to 3 years ago. Glover is at least coming right off a dominant victory that will be fresh in the minds of whoever watched, with Chuck Lidell in his corner to boot.

    Here’s my take on this situation…

    An injury knocked a guy out of a fight. Never a good thing. And a pain in the ass for Dana White & company to sort out. So they get Glover’s camp on the horn and I’m sure it was met with an enthusiastic “hells yeah yo!”

    So next they gotta get sign off from Shogun’s camp. Now, if I’m Shogun, I don’t care who the proposed new opponent is… anytime this type of thing happens, and I have to switch things up, my camp isn’t doing their job if they don’t negotiate a little bit so that I get something out of it for the inconvenience of a new opponent/altered gameplan/etc.

    But we all know how stubborn Dana is with this type of stuff. If his request isn’t meant with an immediate “sir yes sir” he’s gonna bitch & moan. And he’s good at playing the media game. So he throws it out there that Shogun’s camp is *refusing* to take the fight… blah blah blah… dropping a nugget to the media that could have a negative perception and putting the pressure back on Shogun.

    This is just Dana’s way of dealing with things, which in his mind is 100% noble & justified… “Look, we’re just trying to put together great f*cking fights that will entertain the fans. So if somebody is going to make that difficult, instead of appreciating the f*cking opportunities we give them to compete in the biggest motherf*cking fight organization in the world, they can try working with those other assholes that are out there. See how that works. F*ck them”

    And, well, Dana is right… these fighters don’t have other options. For better & worse, that’s just the way it is in the current MMA landscape, and this fight will happen.

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  • Richard Stabone says:

    Oh, and Shogun’s camp saying “nothing” has been presented to them… I’m guessing that’s their way of saying they have not received an official modified contract with the new opponent, potentially modified terms/pay, etc.

    So there was probably an initial informal communication, where Joe Silva (or someone in a similar capacity) reached out to Shogun’s camp about fighting Glover instead, and when Shogun’s camp wanted to do their due diligence instead of blindly bow to the UFC’s wishes, it’s being met with the typically rigid response from Mr. White & company.

    Dana has contributed greatly to the success of the UFC, but he’s gotta be a real pain in the ass to deal with. Even if you’re on the “inside.”

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  • Yourdaddydevilandlord says:

    Whatever, they are just trying to build a hype angle for the new fight. I bet it was Shogun’s camp that told Dana to “call them out” and start the hype. They are just selling it.

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