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Hector Lombard on the cusp of a title shot heading into UFC debut

Hector Lombard will enter the Octagon this summer with a record of 31-2-1 including a 25-fight unbeaten streak. With a resume like that, it is no wonder Lombard is already on the brink of title-contention in the UFC‘s middleweight division.

UFC President Dana White confirmed his status in an interview with MMAJunkie following the post-fight press conference for UFC on FX 3 that Lombard is likely one big win from a shot at the belt currently held by Anderson Silva.

“We’re definitely looking at Hector,” said White of the former Olympic judoka. “Hector’s had an incredible streak outside the UFC. We’ll see how he does here in the UFC.”

The former Bellator middleweight champ will make his debut at UFC 149 next month against Tim Boetsch.

Silva is set to defend his title against Chael Sonnen in the main event of UFC 148 on July 7, while Lombard-Boetsch takes place two weeks later. As such, the timing could be perfect for Lombard to set up a title-fight in the near future.


  • Niv says:

    I like it, I hope Lombard wins impressively and gets the title shot.

    Both he and Silva are getting older and that’s a fight many people have wanted to see for a while now.

    I understand those that think it’s unfair and it is, however there’s a political reason that’s attached to title shots like this. It gives the UFC a win, win scenario, if their champion in place retains his title it only proves the UFC has the better fighters. If of the UFC champ loses to the newcomer it only proves the UFC brings in the best talent again.

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  • Richard Stabone says:

    Yeah I’d be fine with Lombard getting a quicker than “deserved” shot at Silva. Anderson is getting up there in age, so the usual rules shouldn’t necessarily apply when it comes to getting him the most interesting matchups. Realistically, Anderson’s only got a few fights left before his decline inevitably begins to accelerate.

    I’m hoping that within the next 12-18 months or so, Anderson is able to face guys like Lombard and Belcher, assuming they don’t get tripped up before then.

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  • “Realistically, Anderson’s only got a few fights left before his decline inevitably begins to accelerate.”

    You say that as if his decline has even seemingly started. We’re still talking about a guy that is undefeated in the ufc with 12 finishes and a total of 7 rounds lost(and I might be overshooting on that) A guy who the last time he was in the ring dominated his “biggest challenge” that all the fans had been screaming to see fight him. Before that it was Belforts face getting kicked off…before that a come from behind sub after 5 rounds of a juiced up cardio freak beating on him….I see no decline starting just yet.
    I find this way premature…Boestch is a tough guy on a good streak but an open door to a title shot? Hector had better knock him out with some unseen punch in 5 seconds if that’s the case….otherwise Belcher, Bisping and munoz have better claims to title shots IMO

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  • Richard Stabone says:

    I have no problem calling Anderson Silva the GOAT, but Father Time is undefeated. Eventually, there’s just no beating that sumbitch.

    I’m not saying Anderson has slowed down much, if at all, yet. But after a few more fights, he’ll be starting to really push 40 and I just don’t expect him to still be holding the belt by the time he reaches the big 4-0. You combine his age with the increasingly rapid rise of MMA which brings in more & more young, dynamic fighters to the mix every day, and I just don’t see it happening. The clock is ticking.

    Which ties in with my other underlying point that they should not mess around with making his next few fights. Even more than usual, just make the fights that make the most sense from an intrigue/fan interest standpoing. I sorta feel like this Chael fight is a waste of time, given the age-related factors I mentioned above, but with all the hysteria surrounding these two guys I guess it had to happen.

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  • I get your point Rich, I do. I just dont have the intrigue. Lombard has looked great, his streak is phenomenal, and he’s a world class athelete BUT…he hasnt fought enough top competition. Tim Boestch(I spell it different everytime) is a tough guy, on a good streak, but I dont see how beating him and him alone warrants a title shot unless Hector replicates what Anderson did to Leben. Not only knocking him unconscious but landing every thrown shot and putting him away without getting touched.

    Other than that, Im alot more interested in how guys like Belcher and Bisping would do. But all it takes is somethin spectacular to change my mind.
    As for The Spiders age, maybe he can be like Randy or Hendo where his best days lay in his early 40s…..what a scary prospect that would be.

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