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Video blog reveals Clay Guida-Gray Maynard had to be separated backstage

Apparently the bad feelings from Friday night’s main event match-up between UFC lightweights Clay Guida and Gray Maynard boiled over after the two men had made their way backstage after the bout’s conclusion. Evidence of such came in the form of a few tense moments between the two caught on UFC President Dana White’s video blog for UFC 147 featuring the build up and fallout of UFC on FX 4.

“Weak…weak…weak,” an animated Guida exclaimed as he marched back to his backstage area to get checked. “I don’t bitch about sh*t! I stopped his takedowns. He looked like Sammy Sosa out there swinging for the fences.”

Of course, whether due to inexplicably silly planning by officials or savvy production staff hoping to capture raw moments, Maynard happened to also be getting treatment at the time and was literally a foot away with little more than a curtain (and some professionalism) separating the two as Guida vented his frustration.

“It’s a fight, man! Why are we both here? We’re fighters,” said Maynard after Guida offered a verbal attack pertaining to some knees.

The two continued to go at each other for a few more moments before cooler heads prevailed and Guida walked off down the hall. However, as the tape shows, things could have gone much more poorly, especially with some of the instigation from both fighters’ camps.

Watch the full clip of the blog below with the Guida-Maynard material coming in the final minute:


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