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Michael Bisping still focused on second encounter with Chael Sonnen

Chael Sonnen is the next man to get a chance at taking the UFC middleweight belt from Anderson Silva, as the two will lock horns at UFC 148 on July 7. If Sonnen is successful, Michael Bisping believes he is the right man to face him for the belt when he makes his first defense.

Earlier this year, Sonnen defeated Bisping in a tightly-contested match to secure the position of #1 contender in the division. Since that time, “The Count” has had to withdraw from a bout with Tim Boetsch and undergo knee surgery.

In Bisping’s mind, though, he will be ready to fight again in September and would like nothing more than to see Sonnen standing opposite of him inside the Octagon.

“The fight was super, super close, and a lot of people felt I won that fight,” said Bisping in a recent interview with MMAWeekly. “In the Octagon, (Sonnen) said he thought I won the first two rounds. So, everyone else seems to get a rematch these days instantly, (so) why can’t I get one?”

There are a lot of obstacles standing in the way of Sonnen-Bisping II, as Sonnen would have to defeat Silva, Bisping would need to be healed up in time and the UFC would have to decide not to do Sonnen-Silva III.

As far as Bisping is concerned, there is no other contender available besides himself, though.

“You look at the contenders, who is there? Vitor Belfort just recently got beat, plus now he’s injured,” Bisping said. “Yushin Okami’s just been beat. There isn’t too many challengers, I’m right there.”


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