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Rashad Evans willing to drop to 185 pounds for fight with Anderson Silva

Throughout his career, former UFC light heavyweight champ Rashad Evans has been labeled as an undersized fighter whose body was best suited for a run at 185 pounds rather than against larger adversaries. Of course, with a 17-2-1 record and wins over some of MMA’s top names it’s hard to argue against the notion Evans has done more than fine following his own lead instead of that of others.

However, while Evans still isn’t wavering on his stance he has at least admitted he would drop to middleweight for a single scrap if circumstances dictated the possibility.

Anderson (Silva) is somebody I would love to fight because when it’s all said and done, whether you win or lose, to compete against the best in the sport is really what it’s all about,” said Evans in an interview with ProMMA Now. “You know, if I can walk away from my career and say I competed against some of the best in the sport in my time and era, then I can wrap up and say I had a really great career. So if the opportunity comes, and that fight happens, yeah I would drop to 185 to fight.”

Evans is currently healing up from an April outing against 205-pound champion Jon Jones while waiting for his next opponent to materialize. Meanwhile, Silva clearly has his hands full as well with a title-defense against Chael Sonnen slated for UFC 148.


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