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Chris Weidman: “I don’t really need to win anymore. I feel like I’m ready now.”

UFC middleweight Chris Weidman turned heads on Wednesday night when he stopped Mark Munoz with strikes in the second round of their headlining tilt at UFC on Fuel 4. However, Weidman wasn’t finished opening eyes, opting to call out divisional champion Anderson Silva in hopes of securing a scrap with the Brazilian title-holder.

The 9-0 Weidman talked about his performance against Munoz, as well as his interest in a shot at Silva’s gold, in an interview with the UFC moments after notching the victory.

“I kept a good pace on top. He was fighting my hands really good. I’m pretty dangerous there. He did a good job stopping at me at my submissions. I actually had a couple pretty close but otherwise he did a great job. And he’s a tough ass dude,” said Weidman of Munoz, explaining the elbow-strike he landed to set up the finish was something he’d worked on in practice with coach Ray Longo.

“(Munoz) throws a big right hand and I wanted to kinda sneak in a right elbow when he was doing that. And I got it. It’s awesome man. It’s a good feeling,” admitted the still-smiling Weidman.

As far as a showdown with Silva, Weidman alluded to recent wins over Munoz and Demian Maia as having built his confidence up to the point he feels he’s ready for the opportunity despite his the fact he hasn’t cracked double-digits yet where total professional pairings are concerned.

“Whatever’s offered I’m perfectly happy but I really want Anderson Silva – I really want a shot at that belt,” offered Weidman on the topic. “I don’t really need to win anymore. I feel like I’m ready now. It’s up to the UFC but I feel like I’m ready.”

Check out the complete interview with Weidman below:


  • Weidman vs. either Belcher or the winner of The Barbarian vs. Lombard

    OR take whichever looks more impressive between Weidman and the winner of that fight, give them the title shot and then make whichever one sittin sideline fight Belcher.

    185 is really starting to show some great contenders lately.
    Weidman, Carmont, Belcher, Bisping, Lombard……..There’s a couple fights left for The Spider here….and not that he cant beat them all, but I can see conceivable ways they might, just might…be able to beat him.
    Weak division my ass.

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  • Big Stank says:

    I would like to see him smash Bisping. Maybe then he would shut the hell up. Wishful thinking lol

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  • STM199 says:

    What the heck. Give Weidman a shot! But definetly not Lombard. He needs at least a couple wins in the UFC. IMO. But I agree on Weidman vs. Belcher gets Silva

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  • hindsightufuk says:

    i hold my hands up and say that i got a late pass on Chris Weidman, really havent paid him any attention until Wednesday, and fuck he looked good. Munoz looked worse than ever but not sure if thats because of how good Chris looked or if he was out of sorts.
    That said he still needs to fight a couple of genuine top guys, proven contendors, Bisping, Sonnen, Hector, Vitor, Okami, Belcher, Palhares etc. The win over Munoz just broke him top 8 maybe in my opinion. not saying he isnt better than those ranked above him, but he needs to beat some names before he mentions Anderson Silvsa name again.

    just a quick word to say Josh Rosnthal should be punished for letting Munoz take a dozen unnessecary punches to the noggin in that fight, that was sick

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