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Quinton Jackson: “Chael sucks.”

Quinton “Rampage” Jackson doesn’t believe Chael Sonnen should still be in the UFC. Sonnen claimed that if he didn’t defeat Anderson Silva for the middleweight title in their rematch, he would leave the promotion.

Jackson, who will face Glover Teixeira later this year at UFC 153 in Brazil, told MMA Elite in a recent interview that he believes Sonnen should depart the organization despite having already stated Silva didn’t respond to his stipulation and the deal was off.

“I think Chael should keep his word and leave the UFC because that’s what he said he was gonna do if he lost,” Jackson said. “And he lost horribly. Bad! Chael sucks. He should go somewhere where people like his interviews, the way he talks (expletive) to everybody. I can’t stand that boy.”

Sonnen has made mention of a possible venture to the light heavyweight ranks, so perhaps Jackson will find himself lined up across from the outspoken grappler at some point in the future.


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