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Chael Sonnen: “(Quinton Jackson) is not on my level.”

Former UFC light heavyweight champ Quinton Jackson recently had a go at Chael Sonnen in an interview where he offered harsh criticism towards the silver-tongued scrapper’s performance against middleweight title-holder Anderson Silva a few weeks ago at UFC 148. Sonnen had an opportunity to address Jackson’s words in his role as one of the analysts on UFC Tonight and needless to say his retort was as classic as fans might have hoped for

“‘I’m sitting here in my fancy suit. I’ve got my ear piece in. I’ve been branded an analyst on the #1 watched MMA show on TV today. So, to keep it professional, my answer would simply be, listen, ‘Rampage’ has one fight left and it’s not against me. ” stated Sonnen on the show. “Now, had you had asked me outside, in my kingdom, amongst my people, when I’m not wearing the suit and I don’t have my earpiece and I’m in sponsor’s T-shirt, my answer might have been different. I would have probably said, ‘Hey, Rampage, why don’t you stick to violating female reporters, making box office disasters, and driving the wrong way down the freeway while you’re jacked up on Mountain Dew because you, ‘Page, are not on my level.’”

Sonnen’s comments reference a few of Jackson’s past incidents including his penchant for getting touchy-feely with media members and a 2008 run-in with the law stemming from a situation where a delusional “Rampage” took his monster truck on a hit-and-run spree down a California roadway.


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