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Dana White: “Lombard, maybe should fight at 170.”

If it appeared as though Tim Boetsch was facing a smaller man on Saturday night at UFC 149, it’s because he was. While Hector Lombard only measured in at a half-pound lighter than Boetsch at the weigh-ins, he stood a few inches shorter than him and likely cut a lot less weight to hit the required mark based on his frame.

However, if UFC President Dana White has his way, the size disadvantage the 5’8” Lombard is often at when he takes to the cage will be gone by his next outing, as the opinionated executive has hopes that the former Bellator middleweight champ will give welterweight a go.

“You can’t be angry with (Lombard), but it just shows you guys, ranking guys who don’t fight in the UFC, it’s two different worlds. Guys that fight in other organizations that end up in the Top 10 rankings, it’s a whole other world over here. Lombard, maybe should fight at 170. He made 185 easily. He’s short and wide, but I think he could make 170,” said White at the post-event press conference attached to this past weekend’s event.

Lombard has also mentioned welterweight in the past, saying he could get down to 170 pounds but prefers 185 based on the ease in making it when compared to the difficulty in shedding more pounds during the days leading up to a fight.


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