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Roy Nelson runs down his list of TUF coaches, both approved and otherwise

Roy Nelson has mentioned the likes of former Strikeforce light heavyweight champ Muhammed Lawal and ex-Olympic wrestler/current TNA star Kurt Angle as potential members of his coaching staff for the upcoming season of the Ultimate Fighter.

Nelson, who has laid claim to his own TUF title, and will coach opposite Shane Carwin on the newest season which starts taping next month and airs in September.

Over the weekend, on his own website, Nelson disclosed an entire list of people he plans on bringing in to help him coach this year. Nelson even broke them down by allowed and not-allowed.

“Here are my Assistant/Guest Coaches the non-UFC coaches will be helping but not on the set because they are black, criminals, white, Olympian, Great TV … (disclaimer I have  no idea, just opinion)

NON-UFC ALLOWED: Muhammed Lawal, Kurt Angle ,Victor Conte

UFC ALLOWED: Royce Gracie, James Johnson, Jeff Mayweather, Georges St-Pierre, Nick Diaz, Nate Diaz, Rashad Evans, Forrest Griffin, Chael Sonnen, Jake Shields, Gilbert Melendez, Martin Kampmann, Amir Sadollah, Mike Pyle, Gray Maynard, Ron Frazier, Anthony Brown

I am a student first, teacher second. Let give theses kids an opportunity of a life time. A UFC SUPER CAMP!”

Nelson and Carwin have done plenty of verbal jarring back and forth, and with some of these fighters named by Nelson set to appear, fans look to be guaranteed plenty of interesting interaction this fall.


  • Yourdaddydevilandlord says:

    I’m sure Victor Conte is just coming in to teach everyone the basslines to various Tower of Power songs(craziest Conte fact, he played Bass in Tower of Power for awhile!?$%!) and Angle is just the designated driver…..

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  • Angle would’ve been an awesome wrestling and conditioning coach. Olympic gold medalist and all. And to quote him Shane Carwin is going to get his ass whooped all competition and in the final fight. Oh its true, its Damn true!

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  • Rece Rock says:

    Roy is a character….

    Conte… BALCO fiasco and has outed athletes that have used PEDs (there’s good & bad with this dude… but at this day & time with all the TRT, VADA, WADA and all the rest of the PED talk why bring in a guy whom is the poster boy )

    Angle… Has lied in the press multiple times about his past interactions with DW and even though DW kinda just let it roll off his back I’m sure he didn’t appreciate the comments… Not to mention Angles’ own past legal issues with PEDs and Driving under the influence multiple times. Oh and he works for SPIKE TV / TNA. ( the plus side would have been a gold medal olympic wrestler training young fighters in one of the foundations of MMA I don’t think a significant amount of pro wrestling die hards really would have tuned in for a 35 sec clip of Angle anyways)

    Mo… Released from SF after popped for PEDs and then trash talked a commision member… Oh and he works for SPIKE TV / BELLATOR/TNA. ( aside from being trained by a good wrestler…for me there is no upside to having Mo on TV, the only upside is for himself and his brand and Zuffa is no longer in the King Mo business)

    Roy’s wife must be a saint ( or gainfully employed) because if I was always stiring the shit at work and being the thorn in my bosses side jeopordizing any type of job security I have, my wife would be cracking that whip and reading me the riot act.

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  • Lord Faust says:

    Roy really reminds me of the main character in Office Space.

    “Hey, it’s been great talking with you guys… A good luck with your firings!”

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