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Chad Mendes sought by authorities after assault, evading police

The image of UFC featherweight Chad Mendes mixing it up with another individual isn’t too far-fetched given his chosen profession. However, a different picture unfolded last weekend in Mendes’ hometown of Hanford, California when Mendes was linked to a fight at a local bar where he is alleged to have refused responding officers’ commands, punched an unsuspecting patron, and fled on foot shortly afterward.

According to a report from the Hanford Sentinel, a Sherriff’s Deputy saw two individuals fighting outside the establishment and attempted to break the brawl up. Shortly thereafter more people began filing outside and fighting including, as recognized by authorities, Mendes. The former title-contender was then said to have started swearing at the police and walked back inside the bar instead of leaving as asked. He is then alleged to have sucker-punched someone inside, left through the back door, and ultimately managed to escape pursuing officers on foot.

The city has been unable to get a hold of Mendes since.

“If we don’t speak with him by Monday, then we’ll request that the District Attorney’s Office file charges against him. Then we can pick him up on an arrest warrant,” explained assistant sheriff Dave Putnam. “With his training as a professional fighter, he could be looking at a charge of assault with a deadly weapon.”

Mendes has yet to publicly address the matter. His Twitter feed from the involved period of time shows no indication of the situation having unfolded, though the first message from July 28 (the date of incident) does feature Mendes at a bar with his father and friend who were apparently out celebrating their birthdays.


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