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Nate Diaz extends deal to fight under the UFC’s banner

Nate Diaz isn’t going anywhere new in regards to his fighting future. Diaz, who was called the #1 contender in the UFC‘s lightweight division after besting Jim Miller earlier this year, signed a new contract with the promotion earlier this week.

Diaz is expected to receive a shot at the winner of champion Benson Henderson‘s bout with Frankie Edgar this weekend at UFC 150.

“Just wrapped up another deal with (Diaz) and (Cesar Gracie, the manager/trainer for Diaz),” UFC President Dana White posted on Twitter. “Deal done.”

Diaz, Gracie, White and UFC co-owner Lorenzo Fertitta all posed for a picture following the signing.

As a side note, though a few weeks back Gracie mentioned he would ask White about allowing Nick Diaz to compete overseas while serving out his suspension in Nevada for a failed drug test, no mention of those talks were made by White in his Tweet.


  • AlphaOmega says:

    Diaz and Gracie look oh so happy

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  • Big Stank says:

    I believe Nate has all the tools to be better than Nick. I know it’s off topic but I think it needs to be said.

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  • Richard Stabone says:

    Tools-wise, I don’t think Nick is lacking anything Nate has. I see a couple key differences between those homies…

    1) Nate’s better able to cope with the spotlight of fighting for the biggest MMA org on the planet and the additional exposure & responsibility that comes with it. Nick has already burned thru a good chunk of his prime years fighting outside the UFC and/or suspended.

    2) Nate back fighting at 155 while Nick has stuck with 170. Their listed height & reach is identical. They’ve each jumped between 155 & 170 during their respective careers with some success in both divisions. But I think the Diaz style of fighting, walking straight ahead with a high volume punches & combos is more effective at 155 and therefore gives Nate an advantage over Nick. It was only a year ago that Rory was tossing Nate back & forth across the octagon.

    What will be interesting to see is whether that style is good enough to beat the top guys, which Nate appears likely to soon have a chance at doing.

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  • My buddy was in vegas last night and said he saw Nate at the airport and this explains why.
    Nate has really stepped up since coming back to 155. I truly think that going up in weight showed him how much stronger he is than most guys at 155. He’s really gotten slick with his boxing and has learned to counter tough wrestlers with ultra fast subs and has improved his takedown defense alot since coming back.
    I truly look forward to watching him continue to compete with the upper crust of the division and cant wait to see him fight the winner of Ben vs. Frankie, the loser and have some rematches with Cerrone, Guida and Maynard the last two of which would go differently IMO due to Nate’s continuos improvement.

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  • THEGUNNER says:

    nate vs bj would be interesting.

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  • Richard Stabone says:

    I want to see Nate vs. Frankie. No more GD rematches.

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  • Big Stank says:

    I think Nates style of agressive BJJ sets him apart from Nick. Not just the standard of locking on the Kimura when someone tries to take him down with a single leg. It made me crazy to watch as they both used to do it very regularly instead of defending the takedown. I love the way Nate sees the neck and latches onto it with very technical guillotines. And by the way his Tringle choke over Pelligrino was a thing of beauty.

    Top 3 favorite subs

    Nates as mentioned, Nick Diaz Gogoplata over Gomi, & Korean Zombie twister on Garcia

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  • Angry Mike says:

    “I believe Nate has all the tools to better than Nick”

    So the question is which of these two tools has the most tools.

    Regardless of the answer to that question, I think there’s a better than even chance that Nate wins the belt when he finally gets his title shot. His wins against Miller and Cerrone were impressive.

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  • Rece Rock says:

    Nate just tapped in a BJJ comp in rather quick fashion… google it.

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